Electrical Breakdown and Discharges in Gases [E-Book] : Part A Fundamental Processes and Breakdown / edited by Erich E. Kunhardt, Lawrence H. Luessen.
Kunhardt, Erich E., (editor)
Luessen, Lawrence H., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1983
VIII, 466 p. online resource.
NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series ; 89a
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Table of Contents:
  • Basic Discharge Processes
  • The Development of Theories of the Electrical Breakdown of Gases
  • Basic Processes of Electrical Discharges
  • Transport Data for the Modeling of Electrical Breakdown and Discharges
  • Electronegative Gases
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Kinetic Theory of Ion Transport in Gases
  • On the Divergence of the Legendre Expansion of the Electron Velocity Distribution
  • Breakdown in Uniform Fields
  • Prebreakdown Ionization in Gases Under Steady-State and Pulsed Conditions in Uniform Fields
  • Nanosecond Pulse Breakdown of Gas Insulated Gaps
  • Breakdown in Nonuniform Fields
  • Physical Models of Long Air Gap Breakdown Processes
  • Spark-Over Characteristics of Long Gaps
  • Seminars
  • A Numerical Solution of the Boltzmann Equation
  • The Microscopic Treatment of Nonequilibrium Regions in a Weakly Ionized Gas
  • Current Research Topics in Low-Pressure Glow Discharges in Rare Gases and in Pure Nitrogen
  • Contributions to Continuous Leader Channel Development
  • Participants.