Atomic Physics 8 [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Atomic Physics, August 2–6, 1982, Göteborg, Sweden / edited by Ingvar Lindgren, Arne Rosén, Sune Svanberg.
Lindgren, Ingvar, (editor)
Rosén, Arne, (editor) / Svanberg, Sune, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1983
XI, 592 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Conference Opening
  • Dynamics of Resonant States
  • Impact of Atomic Physics on Fundamental Constants
  • The Quantum Hall Effect
  • Sub-Doppler Spectroscopy
  • Doppler Narrowing and Collision-Induced Zeeman Coherence in Four-Wave Light Mixing
  • Excitation of the Positronium 13S1–23S1 Two Photon Transition
  • Experimental Tests of Bell’s Inequalities in Atomic Physics
  • Relativistic Effects in Many-Body Systems
  • Relativistic Many-Body Calculations
  • One- and Two-Electron Systems
  • New Results on Muonium and Muonic Helium
  • Structure and Dynamics of Atoms Probed by Inner-Shell Ionization
  • Some Current Problems in Electron Spectroscopy
  • Collective Effects in Isolated Atoms (Many-Body Aspects of Photoionization Process)
  • Many Body Calculations of Photoionization
  • A Time-Dependent Local Density Approximation of Atomic Photoionization
  • Shape Resonances in the Photoionization Spectra of Free and Chemisorbed Molecules
  • Atomic Collisions in the High Energy Regime
  • Heavy Particle Collisions
  • Light Scattering as a Probe for Atomic Interactions
  • Electron-Photon Correlation Studies of Spin Exchange, Spin Orbit and Quantum Beats
  • High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of Small Molecules
  • Fast Ion Beam Laser Spectroscopy (Fiblas): A Case Study: N2O+
  • Resonant Fast-Beam/Laser Interactions: Saturated Absorption and Two-Photon Absorption
  • Isotopic Shifts
  • Hyperfine Structure and Isotope Shifts of Rydberg States in Alkaline Earth Atoms
  • Concluding Remarks.