High-Brightness Accelerators [E-Book] / edited by Anthony K. Hyder, M. Franklin Rose, Arthur H. Guenther.
Guenther, Arthur H., (editor)
Hyder, Anthony K., (editor) / Rose, M. Franklin, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1988
826p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics ; 178
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Table of Contents:
  • To High Brightness
  • — High-Brightness Accelerators
  • Brightness, Emittance and Temperature
  • Historical Overview of High-Brightness Accelerators
  • Accelerator Physics
  • High-Intensity Circular Proton Accelerators
  • High-Brightness Circular Accelerators
  • Wakefield Acceleration: Concepts and Machines
  • Wake Fields: Limitations and Possibilities
  • High-Brightness RF Linear Accelerators
  • Induction Linacs
  • Advanced Concepts for Acceleration
  • Beam Physics
  • The Physics of Codes
  • High-Current Electron-Beam Transport in Recirculating Accelerators
  • High-Current Electron-Beam Transport in Linear Induction Accelerators
  • Requirements on the Beam for mm- and Sub-mm-Wave Generation
  • Brightness Limits for Ion Sources
  • Brightness Limits in Linear Ion Accelerators
  • Beam-Current Limits in Circular Accelerators and Storage Ring Longitudinal Coasting Beam Instabilities
  • Injectors and Ion Sources
  • Accelerator Engineering
  • Radial Transmission-Line Linear Accelerators
  • RF Breakdown Limits
  • RF Power Sources for High-Brightness RF Linacs
  • Fundamental Features of Superconducting Cavities for High-Brightness Accelerators
  • Applications of High-Brightness Beams
  • Free-Electron Laser Amplifier Driven by an Induction Linac
  • FEL Oscillators (Microtrons)
  • The U.K. Free-Electron Laser
  • The ACO Storage Ring Free Electron Laser
  • Emittance, Brightness, Free-Electron Laser Beam Quality, and the Scaled Thermal Velocity
  • Induction Linacs for Heavy-Ion Fusion
  • High-Average-Power Electron Accelerators for Food Processing
  • Summary
  • Summary of Linear-Beam Transport
  • Appendix A: Poster Papers
  • Vacuum Arc Array Ion Injector C. Burkhart, S. Humphries, Jr.
  • Impedance Variations in the Load of a Thyratron-Switched Discharge Circuit G. L. Clark
  • Gyrac, A Photon Factory? O. Gal
  • The SERC Plasma Beat Wave Experiment T. Garvey, et al.
  • Scaling of Current Density, Total Current, Emittance, and Brightness for Hydrogen Negative Ion Sources J. R. Hiskes
  • Cyclotron Resonance Laser Accelerator S. P. Kuo
  • Beam “Self-Trapping” in the NRL Modified Betatron Accelerator F. Mako, et al.
  • Electron Cyclotron Maser Using a Pulsed Relativistic Electron Beam A. D. R. Phelps, et al.
  • Transport of High-Brightness Electron Beams with Ion Focusing J. R. Smith, R. F. Schneider
  • Generation of Energetic Ion Beams from a Plasma Focus I. Ueno, et al.
  • Beam Dynamics Analysis in an RFQ J. H. Whealton, et al.
  • Appendix B: Organizing Committee, Lecturers, and Participants.