Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics [E-Book] : Physics and Geometry / edited by Ling-Lie Chau, Werner Nahm.
Chau, Ling-Lie, (editor)
Nahm, Werner, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1990
XVI, 830 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics ; 245
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Table of Contents:
  • to the 18th Conference on ‘Differential Geometrical Methods in Theoretical Physics’
  • Baxterization
  • Geometric Classification of Commutative Algebras of Ordinary Differential Operators
  • Geometrical Aspects of Solvable Two Dimensional Models
  • Explicit Soliton-Generating Bäcklund Transformations
  • Integrability Conditions: Recent results in the theory of integrable models
  • Nonlinear Differential Equations in Physics and Their Geometrical Integrability Properties
  • Integrability Off Criticality and Quantum Integrable Systems
  • Quantization of the Chiral Solitonic Bag Model
  • Structure of Superselection Sectors in Low-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory
  • Cyclic Cohomology, Supersymmetry and KMS States the KMS States as Generalized Elliptic Operators
  • Symmetrics of Quantum Space, Braid Representation, and Classification of Subfactors
  • New Kinematics (Statistics and Symmetry) in Low-Dimensional QFT with Applications to Conformal QFT2
  • Infinite Index Embeddings
  • Non-Compact Current Algebras and Heterotic Superstring Vacua
  • Aspects of Perturbed Conformal Field Theory, Affine Toda Field Theory and Exact S-Matrices
  • Codes, Lattices and Conformal Field Theory
  • Topics on Conformal Field Theory
  • Feigin-Fuchs Representation of Conformal Field Theory
  • Coulomb-Gas Construction on Higher-Genus Riemann Surfaces
  • Conformal Algebras and Non-linear Differential Equations
  • S Matrices of the Tricritical Ising Model and Toda Systems
  • Quantum Groups, Braiding Matrices and Coset Models
  • Gauged WZW Models and the Coset Construction of Conformal Field Theories
  • Flat Connection, Conformal Field Theory and Quantum Group
  • Classical and Quantum Calabi-Yau Manifolds
  • Conformal Field Theories and Category Theory
  • Quantum Bäcklund Transformations and Conformal Algebras
  • A Coset-Construction for Integrable Hierarchies
  • Away From Criticality: Some Results From the S Matrix Approach
  • Normal Ordered Products and Parafields in Conformal Field Theory
  • Chiral Gauge Field Theory in Two Dimensions
  • Monodromy Properties of Conformal Field Theories and Quantum Groups
  • Matrix elements of unitary representations of the quantum group SUq(1, 1) and the basic hypergeometric functions
  • A q-Analogue of the Lie Superalgebra OSp(2,1) and its Metaplectic Representation
  • q-Deformation of SU(1, 1) Conformal Ward Identities and q-Strings
  • Q-Deformation of sl(2, c) × ZN and Link Invariants
  • Quantum Group Duality in Vertex Models and Other Results in the Theory of Quasitriangular Hopf Algebras
  • Physics at the Planck Length and p-Adic Field Theories
  • Non-Archimedean Geometry and Applications to Particle Theory
  • Beyond Conformal Field Theory
  • Hidden Symmetries of Strings and Their Relevance for String Quantization
  • Hamiltonian Flows, SU(?), SO(?), USp (?), and Strings
  • A Geometric Approach to the String BRS Cohomology
  • Progress in Multi-Genus Calculations for the Spinning String
  • The Minimal Set of the Generators of Dehn Twists on a High Genus Riemann Surface
  • Strings and Teichmueller Space
  • Holomorphic Differentials on Punctured Riemann Surfaces
  • Anomalies, BRS Symmetry and Superconnections
  • General Covariance and Strings
  • Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in 4-Dimensional Heterotic String
  • Superghost Fields in N = 2 Superconformal Algebra
  • Topological Quantum Field Theories: Relations Between Knot Theory and Four Manifold Theory
  • Topological Quantum Theories and Representation Theory
  • Topological Chern-Simons Gauge Theories and “New” Knot/Link Polynomials
  • Observables in Topological Yang-Mills Theory and the Gribov Problem
  • Linking the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern Theorem, Essential Hopf Maps and Membrane Solitons with Exotic Spin and Statistics
  • Moduli Spaces and Topological Quantum Field Theories
  • Knots in Physics
  • Supermanifold, Symplectic Structure and Geometric Quantization of BRST Systems
  • Ambitwistors and Conformal Gravity
  • Toward Classification of Classical Lie Superalgebras
  • Status of the Algebraic Approach to Super Riemann Surfaces
  • Projective Embeddings of Complex Supermanifolds
  • Some Results on Line Bundles over SUSY-Curves
  • Instantons From Supersymmetric Conformal Chiral Scalar Superfield Theories
  • Einstein-Hermitian Bundles over Complex Surfaces
  • Symplectic Reduction of the Minimally Coupled Massless Superparticle in D=10
  • Quantum Gravity and the Berry Phase
  • Gravity and Lorentz Breakdown in Higher-Dimensional Theories and Strings
  • Current Algebra and Extended 2D Gravity with Higher Spin Gauge Field
  • The Parametric Manifold Picture of Space-Time
  • Gravity as an SO(3, 2) Gauge Theory
  • Heuristics of Solitary Waves in Non-Integrable Field Theories
  • Lattice Approach of the Antiferromagentic Heisenberg Model in 2+1 Dimensions and the Hopf Chern-Simons Terms
  • Is It Possible To Do Canonical Quantum Field Theory Rigorously?
  • A Global Theory of Parametrized Quantum Mechanics
  • Principal Bundles Versus Lie Groupoids in Gauge Theory
  • Static and Axially Symmetric Soliton Solutions to the Self-Dual SU(3) and SU(2) Gauge Fields in a Euclidean Space
  • Superalgebra and Superspace of Vector Spinor Generators
  • Participants
  • Author Index.