Vacuum Structure in Intense Fields [E-Book] / edited by H. M. Fried, Berndt Müller.
Fried, H. M., (editor)
Müller, Berndt, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1991
X, 452 p. 57 illus. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics ; 255
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Table of Contents:
  • Introductory Remarks
  • Vacuum Structure — An Essay
  • Investigation of (e+e?) Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions with the Double ORANGE Spectrometer
  • Positron Line Emission in Very Heavy Ion Collisions: Results from the EPOS Collaboration
  • Particles in Strong/Supercritical Fields
  • Strong Coulomb Coupling of Charged Particles
  • Quantum Electrodynamical Corrections in Critical Fields
  • Channeling, Bremsstrahlung and Pair Creation in Single Crystals
  • QED in Strong Coulomb Fields: Charged Vacuum, Atomic Clock, and Correlated, Narrow e+e? — Lines
  • Production of Hypothetical X0-Mesons in High-Energy Channeling Reactions
  • Pair Conversion in Sub- and Supercritical Potentials
  • Production of Exotic Particles in Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
  • Quantum Electrodynamics in Intense Fields
  • Application of the Proper-Time Method to Non-Perturbative Effects in QED
  • A New Phase of QED in Strong Coupling: A Guide for the Perplexed
  • Continuum Limit of Quenched QED. Critical Exponents and Anomalous Dimensions
  • Non-Perturbative External Field Effects in QED
  • Functional Integrals in the Strong Coupling Regime
  • A Phase Transition of QED, Schwinger’s Proper Time Formalism; Chemical Potential and Electric Field
  • Are There Background Fields That Can Induce QED Phase Transitions at Weak Coupling?
  • New QED, the GSI Peaks, and Background Fields
  • Functional Approach to Strong-Coupling in (QED)4 and (QCD)4
  • Related Quantum Field Theory/Particle Theory Considerations
  • The Gluon Anomaly in the Proton Spin
  • Lectures on Solitons
  • Renormalization Group and Stability Analysis of ??4 Theories
  • Bosonization and Its Application to Nonperturbative Phenomena in Field Theories
  • Remarks on Cosmic Strings, Aharonov-Bohm Effect and Vacuum Polarization
  • On Power Corrections in Finite Temperature QCD
  • Vacuum Structure in QCD
  • Quantum Vacuum, Confinement and Acceleration
  • The (First) Three B’s of the Skyrme Model
  • Pair Production in an Electric Field in a Time-Dependent Gauge: A Treatment Parallel to the Cosmological Particle Production
  • Zero-Point Field in Non-Inertial or Confined Systems (Physically Measurable Manifestations of Vacuum)
  • Symplectic and Large-N Gauge Theories
  • Summary Lecture
  • Summary Lecture: Vacuum Structure in Intense Fields.