Glassy Semiconductors [E-Book] / by Z. U. Borisova.
Borisova, Z. U., (author)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1981
XI, 505 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Glass Formation in Chalcogenide Systems and the Periodic System of Elements
  • 2. Glasses in Binary Systems
  • 3. Glasses in the Sulfur-Selenium-Tellurium System and in the Arsenic (Germanium, Phosphorus)-Chalcogen-Chalcogen Systems
  • 4. Glasses Based on Selenides of Arsenic and of Elements of Groups VII–V of the Periodic System
  • 5. Three-Component Glasses Based on Selenides (Sulfides) of Elements of Groups V, IV, and III of the Periodic System
  • 6. Three-Component Chalcogenide Glasses Produced with Metals of the Main Groups and Subgroups
  • 7. High-Conductivity Glasses of Three-Component Systems Containing Tellurium
  • 8. Chemical Stability and Kinetics of Dissolution of Glassy Semiconductors
  • References.