Atomic and Molecular Processes in Fusion Edge Plasmas [E-Book] / edited by R. K. Janev.
Janev, R. K., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1995
XVIII, 500 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1 Basic Properties of Fusion Edge Plasmas and Role of Atomic and Molecular Processes
  • 2 Spectroscopic Processes and Data for Fusion Edge Plasmas
  • 3 Elastic and Excitation Electron Collisions with Atoms
  • 4 Electron Impact Ionization of Plasma Edge Atoms
  • 5 Electron-Ion Recombination Processes in Plasmas
  • 6 Excitation of Atomic Ions by Electron Impact
  • 7 Ionization of Atomic Ions by Electron Impact
  • 8 The Dependence of Electron Impact Excitation and Ionization Cross Sections of H2 and D2 Molecules on Vibrational Quantum Number
  • 9 Electron-Molecular Ion Collisions
  • 10 Energy and Angular Distributions of Secondary Electrons Produced by Electron Impact Ionization
  • 11 Elastic and Related Cross Sections for Low-Energy Collisions among Hydrogen and Helium Ions, Neutrals, and Isotopes
  • 12 Rearrangement Processes Involving Hydrogen and Helium Atoms and Ions
  • 13 Electron Capture Processes in Slow Collisions of Plasma Impurity Ions with H, H2, and He
  • 14 Reactive Ion-Molecule Collisions Involving Hydrogen and Helium
  • 15 Particle Interchange Reactions Involving Plasma Impurity Ions and H2, D2, and HD
  • 16 Electron Collision Processes Involving Hydrocarbons.