Guided-Wave Optoelectronics [E-Book] : Device Characterization, Analysis, and Design / edited by Theodor Tamir, Giora Griffel, Henry L. Bertoni.
Bertoni, Henry L., (editor)
Griffel, Giora, (editor) / Tamir, Theodor, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1995
XIII, 501 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Introductory
  • Scanning the symposium
  • Photonics in telecommunications
  • LiNbO3 Devices
  • Development and applications of commercial LiNbO3 guided-wave devices
  • Field induced waveguides in LiNbO3: New developments
  • Electrooptic tunable filters for WDM networks
  • Demonstration of 250 Gb/s all-optical routing control of a photonic crossbar switch
  • An electrode-less integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer electric field sensor
  • Laser Devices
  • Monolithic semiconductor MOPAs: How the Watt was won
  • Multi-wavelength vertical cavity laser arrays grown on a patterned backup substrate
  • Polarization induced enhancement of relative intensity noise and modulation distortion of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
  • InP based multiple quantum well lasers with an integrated tapered beam expander waveguide
  • Optimal design of combined distributed-feedback/Fabry-Perot structures for vertical cavity surface emitting semiconductor lasers
  • Transmission-line modeling of multi-section DFB lasers
  • Analysis of gain coupled DFB semiconductor lasers with absorption grating
  • Linewidth reduction by the formation of a fiber external cavity with the vertical emission of a distributed Bragg reflector laser
  • Distributed feedback lasers for diode laser gas sensing
  • Modeling of optical gain due to excitonic transitions in index-guided ZnCdSe/ZnMgSSe multiple quantum well blue-green lasers
  • Low threshold current density wavelength shifting between N=1 and N=2 transitions in n-type modulation doped GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well lasers
  • Switches and Coupling Devices
  • High-speed photonic waveguide switch arrays and optical amplifier gates in InGaAsP/InP for communications applications
  • Analysis of N × M waveguide splitters and couplers with multimode guiding sections
  • Wavelength-flattened three core optical coupler power splitters in ion-exchanged glass
  • Single-band and multi-band optical waveguide wavelength filters using ion-exchange process
  • Synthesis of optical interconnects and logic gates
  • Modelling of a versatile all-optical Mach-Zehnder switch
  • A guide/antiguide structure for implementing self-imaging waveguide beamsplitters
  • Strained-layer superlattices for polarization-insensitive integrated waveguide applications
  • Power coupling efficiency for electro-optic directional coupler switch
  • Design optimization and fabrication of a widened X-branch demultiplexer by ion-exchange in glass
  • Modulators
  • Recent progress in the development of traveling wave LiNbO3 modulators
  • Integrated magnetooptic Bragg cell modules and applications
  • High-speed wideband integrated magneto-optic frequency shifter and modulator
  • GaAs VLSI-compatible OEIC technology: Design for a quantum well n-i-p-i phase modulator
  • Design and analysis of surface-normal Fabry-Perot optical modulators in the near infrared (InGaAs/GaAs) and blue-green (ZnCdSe/ZnMgSSe) regions
  • Optical phase modulation of a quantum well-dielectric slab waveguide
  • Characterization of optical modulators for application in lightwave links at CERN
  • Periodic Structures
  • Periodic waveguide structures: 101 varieties!
  • Waveguide grating router components for WDM networks
  • Distributed feedback channel dropping filters
  • Periodically segmented waveguides
  • Guided wave deflectors using gratings with slowly-varying groove depth for beam shaping
  • Waveguide coupling gratings: Attractive features and dangerous pitfalls
  • Integrated-optic displacement sensor using a pair of grating couplers
  • Rigorous guided-wave solutions for planar grating structures
  • Nonlinear Techniques
  • Cascading: Modelling a new route to large optical nonlinearities and all-optical devices
  • Nonlinear phase-shifts by cascading in the ?erenkov regime
  • Ultrashort pulse propagation in nonlinear planar optical waveguides
  • ?/4-shifted nonlinear periodic structure: Theory of low-intensity switching
  • Frequency conversion in Ti:LiNbO3 channel waveguides
  • Spatial solitons in superlattice with near resonant nonlinearity
  • Numerical Methods
  • Computer-aided analysis and design in guided-wave optoelectronics
  • Parallel-processing finite-difference beam propagation methods
  • An explicit and stable finite difference BPM for applications to device analysis and design
  • An OEIC CAD system for passive and active planar waveguide circuits
  • Finite element solution of nonlinear optical waveguides
  • Photonic Bandgaps and Resonances
  • Highly efficient light-emitting diodes with microcavities
  • Wide stop band optical filters from photonic band gap air bridges
  • Applications and characterization of a new face-centered-cubic photonic crystal
  • Microparticle photonics: Fiber optic excitation of MDRs.