New Trends in Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, and Their Applications [E-Book] / edited by J. L. Morán-López, J. M. Sanchez.
Morán-López, J. L., (editor)
Sanchez, J. M., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1994
XIV, 472 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Magnetic Clusters
  • Magnetic, Optical and Charge-Transfer Spectra of Antiferromagnetic Solid ?-O2 and “Paramagnetic” Solid ?-O2: A Small-Cluster, Many-Electron Calculation
  • Magnetic Properties of Small Transition Metal Clusters in a Molecular Beam
  • Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal and Rare-earth Metal Clusters
  • Theoretical Study of Electron Correlations in Small Clusters
  • Thermal Magnetic Properties of Clusters
  • Magnetic Properties of Cubo-Octahedral Ising Clusters
  • One and Two-Dimensional Systems
  • The One-Dimensional Hubbard Model with Attractive U as a Soluble Model for Exciton Bands and Electron-Hole Droplets
  • Critical Parameters in the Compressible Easy-Plane Heisenberg Chain
  • Morphology and Dynamics of Domain-Wall Motion in Disordered Two-Dimensional Magnets
  • Interplay Between Conventional Electron-Phonon Superconductivity and Density Waves in Two Dimensional Systems
  • Size and Shape Dependence for Triangular and Honeycomb Finite Lattices with Mixed Exchange Interactions
  • Order Parameters and Percolation for Finite Square Ising Lattices with Mixed Exchange Interactions
  • Superlattices and Multilayers
  • Magnetization Patterns of Exchange Coupled Metallic Multilayers
  • Critical Behavior of Magnetic Multilayers
  • Segregation Effects on the Magnetic Properties of Bimetallic Multilayers
  • The Growth of Cobalt/Copper Epitaxial Layers and its Relationship to the Oscillatory Magnetic Coupling
  • Xe+ Irradiation Increases Magnetoresistance in Sputtered Fe/Cr Superlattices
  • Photo- and Thermal-Induced Antiferromagnetic Interlayer Coupling in Fe/(Fe-Si) Superlattices
  • Mean Field Study of Size Scaling in Ising Thin Films
  • Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy on Fe and Ni
  • Magnetism at the Surface and in Nanoscale Magnetic Structures: Experiments with Spin Polarized Cascade Electrons
  • Surface and Interface Magnetism of Ultra-Thin Body-Centered-Tetragonal Fe(100)(1×1)/Pd(100) Films
  • Quantum Fluctuations, Proximity Effect, and Spin Excitations at the Antiferromagnetic-Ferromagnetic Interface
  • A Self-consistent Model for the P b Centre at the (111)-Si/SiO2 Interface
  • Alloys and Amorphous Materials
  • New Trends in Ferrimagnetism
  • Ferromagnetic Properties of Dilute Metal Alloys
  • Phase Diagrams from First-Principles Calculations: the One Magnetic Component Ni-Pt Alloy
  • Some Aspects of the Preparation of Amorphous Materials using Non-equilibrium Techniques
  • The Time Treatment Effect on the Magnetic Properties of Metglas® Amorphous Ribbons
  • Intergranular Minor Magnetic Phases in As-cast Nd2(Fe1?x Al x )14B Based and Related Alloys
  • Crystal Growth, Thermodynamic and Magnetic Study of Cd1?x Mn x In2S4 Single Crystal
  • Magnetic Order in Heusler Alloys
  • Special Techniques and Materials
  • Less-conventional Magnetic Domain Investigations
  • High Pulsed Magnetic Field Measurements at the University of La Habana
  • The Antiferromagnetic State in the Heavy Fermion Superconductor URu2Si2
  • Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Iron Pillared Montmorillonites
  • Crystal Growth and Magnetic Properties of the Cu2MnGeS4 Semiconductor
  • Spin-like Behavior in MnIn2?2x Cr2x S4 Single Crystals
  • General Theoretical Developments
  • Slave Boson Approach to Local Moment Formation in the Hubbard Model
  • Localized and Itinerant f-Electrons
  • The Multichannel Kondo Problem: A Brief Review
  • A Coherent-State Representation of the Ground State of Quantum Antiferromagnets
  • Relativistic Spin-polarized Multiple Scattering
  • Quantum Interference in Luttinger Liquids
  • Tight Binding Theory of Overlap Interactions: Applications to Magnetic Materials
  • Extensive versus Nonextensive Physics
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Concluding Remarks.