Mass Transport in Solids [E-Book] / edited by F. Bénière, C. R. A. Catlow.
Bénière, F., (editor)
Catlow, C. R. A., (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1983
XII, 602 p. online resource.
NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series, Series B: Physics ; 97
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Atomic transport in solids is a field of growing importance in solid state physics and chemistry, and one which, moreover, has important implications in several areas of materials science. This growth is due first to an increase in the understanding of the fund­ amentals of transport processes in solids. Of equal importance, however, have been the improvements in the last decade in the experi­ mental techniques available for the investigation of transport phenomena. The advances in technique have stimulated studies of a wider range of materials; and expansion of the field has been strong­ ly encouraged by the increasing range of applied areas where transport processes play an essential role. For example, mass transport phenomena play a critical role in the technology of fabrication of components in the electronics industry. Transport processes are involved both during the fabrication and operation of devices and with the growing trend to miniaturisation there are increasing demands on accurate control of diffusion processes. The present book (which is based on a NATO sponsored Advanced Study Institute held in 1981 at Lannion, France) aims to present a general survey of the subject, highlighting those areas where work has been especially active in recent years.