Z° Physics [E-Book] : Cargèse 1990 / edited by Maurice Lévy, Jean-Louis Basdevant, Maurice Jacob, David Speiser, Jacques Weyers, Raymond Gastmans.
Basdevant, Jean-Louis, (editor)
Gastmans, Raymond, (editor) / Jacob, Maurice, (editor) / Lévy, Maurice, (editor) / Speiser, David, (editor) / Weyers, Jacques, (editor)
Boston, MA : Springer, 1991
X, 528 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics ; 261
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Table of Contents:
  • LEP Results: Measurement of the Z° Line Shape in Hadrons and Leptons and of the Lepton Forward-Backward Asymmetries
  • Study of Z0 couplings to quarks at LEP
  • QCD Studies at LEP
  • Searches at LEP
  • Polarization at LEP
  • Physics at the SLC
  • Physics from Tristan
  • W & Z Physics at pp? Colliders
  • Theory of the Electroweak Interactions
  • Electroweak Radiative Corrections for Z Physics
  • QCD and Jets at LEP
  • Colour-Coherence Physics at the Z0
  • The Physics Program and Accelerator Properties of A B-Meson Factory
  • Unstable Particles
  • The Particle-Cosmology Connection: Neutrino Counting, Dark Matter and Large-Scale Structure.