Flow Simulation with High-Performance Computers II [E-Book] : DFG Priority Research Programme Results 1993–1995 / edited by Ernst Heinrich Hirschel.
Hirschel, Ernst Heinrich, (editor)
Wiesbaden : Vieweg+Teubner 1996
IX, 578 p. 223 illus. online resource.
Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics (NNFM) ; 48
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Table of Contents:
  • I. Flow Simulation with Massively Parallel Systems
  • to Part I
  • On a Time and Space Parallel Multi-Grid Method Including Remarks on Filtering Techniques
  • Parallel Finite Element Methods for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
  • Numerical Turbulence Simulation on a Parallel Computer Using the Combination Method
  • CFD with Adaptive FEM on Massively Parallel Systems
  • On the Performance Enhancements of a CFD Algorithm in High Performance Computing
  • Efficient Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flows on Parallel Computers
  • Parallelization of Solution Schemes for the Navier-Stokes Equations
  • 3-D Navier-Stokes Solver for the Simulation of the Unsteady Turbomachinery Flow on a Massively Parallel Hardware Architecture
  • A Comparison of Smoothers and Numbering Strategies for Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder
  • Simulation of Detailed Chemistry Stationary Diffusion Flames on Parallel Computers
  • An Adaptive Operator Technique for Hypersonic Flow Simulation on Parallel Computers
  • Parallel Interactive and Integrated Visualisation
  • Interactive Visualization: On the Way to a Virtual Wind Tunnel
  • II. Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulence
  • to Part II
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence Compresssed in a Cylinder
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of Separated Turbulent Flow Over a Wavy Boundary
  • Large-Eddy Simulation of Near-Wall Turbulence
  • Large Eddy Simulation for Complex Turbulent Flows of Practical Interest
  • Large-Eddy Simulation and Eigenmode Decomposition of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Over a Hemisphere
  • III. Mathematical Foundations, General Solution Techniques and Applications
  • to Part III
  • Navier-Stokes Approximations in High Order Norms
  • Parallelization Methods for a Characteristic’s Pressure Correction Scheme
  • Weighted Particle Method Solving Kinetic Equations for Dilute Ionized Gases
  • Multiple Pressure Variable (MPV) Approach for Low Mach Number Flows Based on Asymptotic Analysis
  • Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Flows with the Method of Artificial Compressibility
  • Higher Order Upwind Schemes on Unstructured Grids for the Nonstationary Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations in Complex Timedependent Geometries in 3-D
  • Improvement and Application of a Two Stream-Function Formulation Navier-Stokes Procedure
  • AMRFLEX3D-Flow Simulation Using a Three-Dimensional Self-Adaptive, Structured Multi-Block Grid System
  • Development and Application of a Finite Volume Method for the Prediction of Complex Flows
  • Computational Aspects of Flow Simulation on 3-D, Unstructured, Adaptive Grids
  • Flow Simulations in Aerodynamically Highly Loaded Turbomachines Using Unstructured Adaptive Grids
  • Flow Simulation in a High Loaded Radial Compressor
  • Efficient FEM Row Simulation on Unstructured Adaptive Meshes
  • Numerical Methods for Simulating Supersonic Combustion
  • Aeroelastic Computations of a Fokker-Type Wing in Transonic Flow
  • Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Aerothermodynamic Reentry
  • Investigations of Hypersonic Flows Past Blunt Bodies at Angle of Attack
  • IV. Results of Benchmark Computations
  • Benchmark Computations of Laminar Flow Around a Cylinder
  • LDA Measurements in the Wake of a Circular Cylinder.