Contributions to the Development of Gasdynamics [E-Book] : Selected Papers, Translated on the Occasion of K. Oswatitsch’s 70th Birthday / by Klaus Oswatitsch ; edited by Wilhelm Schneider, Max Platzer.
Oswatitsch, Klaus, (author)
Platzer, Max, (editor) / Schneider, Wilhelm, (editor)
Wiesbaden : Vieweg+Teubner 1980
XX, 429 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Fundamentals and General Aspects of Fluid Mechanics
  • The Drag as Integral of the Entropy Flow
  • The Conditions for the Separation of Boundary Layers
  • Some Thoughts on Estimates in Fluid Mechanics
  • Possibilities and Limitations of the Theory of Linearization in Fluid Dynamics
  • About Vorticity Numbers and Vorticity Measures
  • 2. Laws of Similarity and Equivalence
  • A New Law of Similarity for Profiles Valid in the Transonic Region
  • Aerodynamic Similarity at Axisymmetric Transonic Flow around Slender Bodies (with S. B. Berndt)
  • Similarity Laws for Hypersonic Flow
  • Theoretical Work about Transonic Flow at the Aeronautical Institute of the Royal Technical University, Stockholm
  • Conical Supersonic Flow at Mach Numbers Close to One (with L. Sjödin)
  • On the Influence of the Geometry of Slender Bodies of Revolution and Delta Wings on their Drag and Pressure Distribution at Transonic Speeds (with F. Keune)
  • 3. Methods for Solving Problems of Gasdynamics
  • The Velocity Distribution on Symmetric Profiles with Local Supersonic Flow Regions
  • The Flow around Bodies of Revolution at Mach Number One (with F. Keune)
  • Calculation of Irrotational Axisymmetric Supersonic Flowfields
  • On the Representation of Flows in the Vicinity of Distinct Points
  • Propagation of Plane Waves-Small Perturbation Theory
  • Propagation Problems
  • 4. Applications of Gasdynamics
  • Pressure Recovery for Missiles with Reaction Propulsion at High Supersonic Speeds
  • Potential Vortex Cascades for Supersonic Speeds (on the Occasion of the 70th Birthday of Prof Dr. A. Betz)
  • Thrust and Drag in Supersonic Flow with Heat Addition
  • Intermediate Ballistics
  • 5. Two-Phase Systems and Condensation
  • The Dispersion and Absorption of Sound in Clouds
  • Condensation Phenomena in Supersonic Nozzles
  • The Evaporation Rate of Clouds.