Holography in Medicine and Biology [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Workshop, Münster, Fed. Rep. of Germany, March 14–15, 1979 / edited by Gert von Bally.
Bally, Gert von, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1979
IX, 272 p. 146 illus. online resource.
Springer Series in Optical Sciences ; 18
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Table of Contents:
  • I. Introductory Survey
  • Holography and Its Applications
  • II. Holography in Orthopedics
  • Holography in Orthopedics
  • Elastomechanical Properties of Trabecular Bone from the Human Vertebral Body
  • Holographic Studies of Wear in Implant Materials and Devices
  • Quantitative Evaluation of Holographic Deformation Investigations in Experimental Orthopedics
  • Holographic Investigation of Mechanical Characteristics of the Complex Leg-Foot in Conditions of Lesion and Reconstruction
  • III. Moiré Topography
  • The Development and the Present Status of Moiré Topography
  • Video-Electronic Generation of Real Time Moiré Topograms
  • Problems of Image Evaluation in Orthopedics Using Moiré Figures
  • IV. Holography in Biology
  • Autocorrelation of Diatoms as a Function of Depth of Focus
  • A Simple Setup for Using Holographic Interferometry in Studies on Seeds
  • V. Holography in Radiology
  • Holography in Radiology
  • Flashing Tomosynthesis
  • Holographic Methods of 3-D Representation from a Number of Plane Images for Medical X-Ray Diagnostics
  • Three Dimensional Holographic Synthesis (T.H.I.S.) of X-Ray Pictures
  • Tomogram - Reconstruction by Holographic Methods
  • Sequential Coherent Optical Reconstruction from Projections Using a Roach Filter
  • Optical Reconstructions from Projections via Deconvolution
  • VI. Holography in Ophthalmology
  • Application of Holography in Ophthalmology
  • VII. Holography in Urology
  • Interferometric Investigations of the Rabbit Urinary Bladder. I. Holographic Registration of Bladder Deformations in vitro
  • Interferometric Investigations of the Rabbit Urinary Bladder. II. First Results in the Detection of Tumors and Lesions
  • VIII. Holography in Dentistry
  • Holography in Dentistry
  • Holographic Evaluation of the Dimensional Stability of Elastic Impression Silicones Used in Dentistry
  • Measurements of Deformations of Teeth and Mandibles due to Occlusal Forces
  • Strain Distribution in the Facial Skeleton Arising from Orthodontic Appliance Activity
  • IX. Holography in Otology
  • Holography in Otology
  • Otological Investigations in Living Man Using Holographic Interferometry
  • On Holographic-Interferometric Investigations of the Membrana Tympani (Living Man)
  • Use of ESPI to Measure the Vibration of the Human Eardrum in vivo and Other Biological Movements
  • Vibration Analysis of the Human Skull and Auditory Ossicles by Holographic Interferometry
  • X. Acoustical Holography
  • State of the Art and Future of Acoustical Holography in Medicine and Biology
  • XI. Special Holographic Techniques
  • Sandwich Holography and Its Applicability to Biomedical Investigations
  • Measurement of Vibration Waveforms Using Temporally Modulated Holography
  • Compensation for Rigid Body Motions in Holographic Interferometry
  • Automatic Iconics Measuring System Applied to Biostereometrics
  • Index of Contributors.