Rigorous Methods in Particle Physics [E-Book] / edited by Sorin Ciulli, Florian Scheck, Walter Thirring.
Ciulli, Sorin, (editor)
Scheck, Florian, (editor) / Thirring, Walter, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1990
X, 222 p. 3 illus. online resource.
Springer Tracts in Modern Physics ; 119
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Table of Contents:
  • A model for a dia-electric
  • Potential models for quarkonium systems
  • Some new bounds on the number of bound states
  • Moment inequalities and a Martin conjecture
  • On a class of spectral problems admitting partial algebraization
  • High energy theorems
  • Complex angular momentum analysis in axiomatic quantum field theory
  • Inverse scattering revisited: Explicit solution of the Marchenko-Martin method
  • The inverse of an inverse problem
  • Weak-star compactness and its relevance to analyticity problems
  • Variational improvement of perturbation theory and/or perturbative improvement of variational calculations
  • A new method for QCD sum rules: The L? norm approach
  • Bifurcation theory applied to chiral symmetry breaking
  • On the scaling behavior of the O(N) ?-model
  • A conjecture on the possible exact (1+1)-dimensional solutions to the discrete Boltzmann models I
  • Are heavy Higgs interactions observable at the 100 GeV scale?
  • Geometric approaches to particle physics.