Kosmische Strahlung II / Cosmic Rays II [E-Book] / edited by K. Sitte.
Sitte, K., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1967
VIII, 654 p. online resource.
Handbuch der Physik / Encyclopedia of Physics ; 9 / 46 / 2
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Table of Contents:
  • Theory of Cascade Showers
  • A. Introduction
  • B. The elementary processes
  • C. The diffusion equations for electron showers, and the limitations of the approximations
  • D. Behaviour of the shower functions and elementary solutions
  • E. One-dimensional electron shower theory
  • F. Three-dimensional electron shower theory
  • G. Application of the theory to the shower phenomena
  • References
  • Cosmic Rays and High-Energy Physics
  • I. Discovery of multiple production
  • II. Direct observations of high-energy interactions
  • III. Behaviour of high-energy cosmic rays
  • IV. Models of multiple production
  • V. Summary of cosmic-ray information
  • References
  • The Spectrum and Charge Composition of the Primary Cosmic Radiation
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Solar influences on the spectrum
  • III. Spectrum of the total radiation
  • IV. The spectrum of the singly charged component
  • V. The spectrum of the helium component
  • VI. Nuclei heavier than helium
  • VII. The spectrum of the L nuclei
  • VIII. The spectrum of the S (M + H) nuclei
  • IX. Intensity and spectrum of the electronic component
  • X. Charge composition and spectrum of the cosmic radiation between 30 and 10000 GeV
  • XI. The energy spectrum of the total radiation at energies > 1014 eV/Nuc
  • XII. Detailed charge features of the radiation
  • XIII. A comparison of the spectra of the different charge groups
  • XIV. Astrophysical consequences of the above results in relation to the acceleration and propagation of cosmic rays
  • References
  • High Energy Photons and Neutrinos from Cosmic Sources
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Production in the interstellar gas, the galactic halo, and the intergalactic medium
  • III. Discrete sources of high energy photons
  • IV. Neutrino sources
  • V. Conclusion
  • References
  • The Time Variations of the Cosmic Ray Intensity
  • I. Introduction
  • II. Geophysical effects of cosmic radiation
  • III. Experimental evidence on the modulation mechanism
  • IV. Modulation mechanisms
  • References
  • Nukleonen in der Atmosphäre
  • A. Einleitung
  • B. Die Primärkomponente der kosmischen Strahlung
  • C. Kernwechselwirkungen der Nukleonen-Komponente in der Atmosphäre
  • D. Protonen in der Atmosphäre
  • E. Neutronen in der Atmosphäre
  • Anhang 1: Kosmische Strahlung — Registrierstationen
  • Anhang 2: Das Erdmagnetfeld; geomagnetische Koordinaten; spezielle Wahl
  • Literatur
  • Cosmic Ray Produced Radioactivity on the Earth
  • A. Introduction
  • B. Corpuscular radiation
  • C. Production of isotopes in the atmosphere
  • D. Terrestrial isotopes of non-atmospheric origin
  • E. Circulation of isotopes in the geosphere
  • F. Some important observations on cosmic ray produced radio nuclides in the geosphere
  • G. Appendix
  • References
  • Effects of Cosmic Rays on Meteorites
  • Course of radiation in a meteorite
  • History of meteorites
  • Secular equilibrium
  • Time variations
  • Meteorite samples
  • Measurement
  • Cosmic-ray age
  • Production rates
  • Recovered artificial satellites
  • References
  • Sachverzeichnis (Deutch-Englisch)
  • Subject Index (English-German).