Verification of Arms Reductions [E-Book] : Nuclear, Conventional and Chemical / edited by Jürgen Altmann, Joseph Rotblat.
Altmann, Jürgen, (editor)
Rotblat, Joseph, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1989
XIV, 228 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • I Role of Verification and Recent Experience
  • 1. Transforming the East-West Conflict: The Crucial Role of Verification
  • 2. Experience with INF Treaty Verification and Prospects for Effective Verification of Strategic Arms Reductions
  • 3. Experience with INF Treaty Verification and Prospects for the Future
  • 4. Mechanisms for Raising and Resolving Compliance Issues
  • II Verification of Mobile Missiles, Nuclear Warheads and Fissile Material
  • 5. Verification of Sea-Launched Cruise Missiles
  • 6. Passive Detection of Nuclear Warheads
  • 7. Disposal of Fissile Material from Nuclear Weapons
  • 8. The IAEA’s Controls on Fissile Material: Limits and Successes
  • III Verification of a Nuclear Test Ban
  • 9. Can Nuclear Weapons Be Developed Without Full Testing?
  • 10. Recent Developments and Outlook for the Verification of a Nuclear Test Ban
  • 11. UK-USSR and US-USSR Joint Research Programmes in Seismic Verification
  • IV Control of Space Weapons
  • 12. Recent Developments in Space Weapons
  • 13. Verification of a Ban on Space Weapons
  • V Conventional Stability in Europe
  • 14. Concepts of Conventional Stability and Reductions of Arms in Europe
  • 15. Enhancing Conventional Stability in Europe
  • VI Confidence and Security-Building Measures in Europe
  • 16. Verification of Confidence and Security Building Measures: Evolution and Future Prospects
  • 17. Observations of Military Exercises and On-Site Inspections in Europe
  • VII Verification of Conventional Force Reductions
  • 18. Conventional Arms Reduction in Europe: A Verification Model
  • 19. Aspects of the Verification of Conventional Arms Control Measures in Europe
  • 20. The Verification of Conventional Disarmament Treaties by Remote Sensing
  • 21. Verification Techniques for Heavy Land Vehicles Using Short-Range Sensors
  • VIII Verification of a Chemical Weapons Ban
  • 22. Challenge Inspections in a Chemical Weapons Convention
  • 23. Verification Procedures for a Chemical Weapons Treaty
  • Contributors
  • Abbreviations.