Synergetics of Cognition [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Symposium at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, June 4–8, 1989 / edited by Hermann Haken, Michael Stadler.
Haken, Hermann, (editor)
Stadler, Michael, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1990
IX, 440 p. online resource.
Springer Series in Synergetics ; 45
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Table of Contents:
  • I Introduction
  • Synergetics as a Tool for the Conceptualization and Mathematization of Cognition and Behaviour — How Far Can We Go
  • The Self-Organization Perspective in Cognition Research: Historical Remarks and New Experimental Approaches
  • II Network Models
  • Experiments with Representation in Neural Networks: Object Motion, Speech, and Arithmetic
  • Connectionist Generalization and Incremental Learning in Combinatorial Domains
  • III Oscillatory Processes in the Brain
  • Synchronization of Oscillatory Responses in Visual Cortex: A Plausible Mechanism for Scene Segmentation
  • Stimulus-Specific Synchronization in Cat Visual Cortex and Its Possible Role in Visual Pattern Recognition
  • A Model for Feature Linking via Correlated Neural Activity
  • On the Problem of Anomalous Dispersion in Chaoto-Chaotic Phase Transitions of Neural Masses, and Its Significance for the Management of Perceptual Information in Brains
  • A Hypothesis Concerning Timing in the Brain
  • Prolegomenon for a Holonomic Brain Theory
  • IV Stability in Cognitive Systems
  • The Phenomenology of Autonomous Order Formation in Perception
  • Stability and Instability in Cognitive Systems: Multistability, Suggestion, and Psychosomatic Interaction
  • V Perception and Action
  • Concepts in Early Vision
  • Visual Representations in the Brain: Inferences from Psychophysical Research
  • Phase Transitions: Foundations of Behavior
  • Links Between Active Perception and the Control of Action
  • Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking in Thermodynamic and Epistemic Engines: A Coupling of First and Second Laws
  • Autonomous Organization in Perception and Motor Control
  • VI Psycho-emotional Development and Social Cognition
  • Three Worlds Interactionism and Developmental Psychology: Perspectives of the Synergetic Approach
  • Phase Transitions in Psychoemotional Development
  • Preliminary Notes on Social Synergetics, Cognitive Maps and Environmental Recognition
  • Synergetics in Clinical Psychology
  • VII Language Processes
  • Structure and Computation in the Human Mental Lexicon
  • Basic Principles of Self-Organization in Language
  • Name Index
  • Index of Contributors.