Relaxations of Excited States and Photo-Induced Structural Phase Transitions [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 19th Taniguchi Symposium, Kashikojima, Japan, July 18–23, 1996 / edited by Keiichiro Nasu.
Nasu, Keiichiro, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1997
XII, 277 p. online resource.
Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences ; 124
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Table of Contents:
  • I General Theory for Photo-Induced Phase Transitions
  • Multistabilities of the Ground States, Proliferations of Excitons and Photo-Induced Structural Phase Transitions
  • The Instabilities of Excitons in Deformable Lattice and the Photo-Induced Phase Transition
  • Hierarchy of Formation of Nanometer Clusters and Periodic Defect- Deformational Structures in Solids Under the Action of Laser Beam
  • Photo-Induced Structure Changes of Quasi-one-dimensional Organic Crystals
  • Mean-Field Theory of Photo-Induced Structural Phase Transitions
  • II Optical Excitations and Photo-Induced Phenomena in BaBiO3, La2CuO4 and Other Perovskites
  • Spectroscopic Study of a 3d Peierls Insulator in BaBiO3
  • Evidence of Polaronic Deformations in High T cMaterials Observed by Photo-Induced IR Absorption and Photo-Induced XAS
  • III Optical Excitations, Lattice Relaxations and Photo- Induced Phenomena in M-X Chains
  • Relaxation Processes of Photo-Excited States in Wide-Gap MX Chain
  • Solitons, Polarons and Excitons in MX Chains
  • Lattice Relaxations Yielding Nonlinear Excitations in Photo-Excited MX Chains
  • IV Optical Excitations, Lattice Relaxations and Photo- Induced Phenomena in Polymers
  • Domain-Wall Dynamics of Photo-Induced Phase Transition in Polydiacetylene Single Crystals
  • Dynamics of Excitons in Polymer Solids
  • Lattice Relaxation of Photo-Excited States in Conjugated Polymers
  • V Neutral-Ionic Transitions in Charge-Transfer Salts
  • Structural Properties, Dynamics and Pressure Effects at the Neutral-to-Ionic Transition
  • Neutral-to-Ionic Transformation as Condensation and Solidification of Charge-Transfer Excitations
  • Optical and Related Properties of Organic Charge-Transfer Crystals: An Overview of Experimental Results
  • Theory of the Neutral-to-Ionic Transition of Quasi-one-dimensional Charge-Transfer Compounds
  • VI Nonlinear Excitations in Charge-Transfer Salts
  • Exciton Strings and Exciton Mediated Carrier Transport in a Quasi-one-dimensional Organic Charge-Transfer Crystal
  • Photophysics of Charge-Transfer Solids and ?-Conjugated Polymers
  • VII Optical Excitations and Lattice Relaxations in Alkali Halides, Semiconductors and Amorphous Solids
  • Femtosecond Time-Resolved Studies of Dynamics of Structural Changes Induced by Electronic Excitation in Alkali Halide Crystals
  • Theoretical Studies of the Models of Self-Trapped Excitons and Holes in Ionic Crystals
  • Photo-Induced Structural Changes in Amorphous Semiconductors
  • ab initio Electronic Structure Calculation of Atomic Displacement of Defects in Semiconductors Induced by Electronic Excitation
  • Symmetry-Breaking Electronic-Atomic Processes in s-p Bonding Materials
  • VIII Optical Properties of Fullerenes and Photo-Induced Polymerization
  • Lattice Relaxations Theory of Localized Excitations and Applications to Fullerenes
  • Exciton Relaxation and Electron Pairing in Fullerene
  • Photochemical Transformations and Polymerization in Solid C60
  • Ultrafast Relaxation of Excitons and Photopolymerization Process in Fullerenes
  • Index of Contributors.