Evolution of Order and Chaos [E-Book] : in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Proceedings of the International Symposium on Synergetics at Schloß Elmau, Bavaria, April 26–May 1, 1982 / edited by Hermann Haken.
Haken, Hermann, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1982
VIII, 290 p. online resource.
Springer Series in Synergetics ; 17
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Table of Contents:
  • I Introduction
  • Introductory Remarks
  • II Evolution
  • Ursprung und Evolution des Lebens auf molekularer Ebene
  • III Coherence in Biology
  • The Crystallization and Selection of Dynamical Order in the Evolution of Metazoan Gene Regulation
  • The Synergetics of Actin-Myosin in Active Streaming and Muscle Contraction
  • IV Instabilities and Pattern Formation in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
  • Pattern Formation in Magnetic Fluids
  • Thermoelastic Instabilities in Metals
  • Spatial Chemical Structures, Chemical Waves. A Review
  • Spontaneous Biological Pattern Formation in the Three Dimensional Sphere. Prepatterns in Mitosis and Cytokinesis
  • Generation of Projections in the Developing and Regenerating Nervous System
  • V Order and Chaos in Quantum Electronics and Fluids
  • Optical Bistability, Self-Pulsing and Higher Order Bifurcations
  • Benard Convection and Laser with Saturable Absorber. Oscillations and Chaos
  • Bistability and Chaos in NMR Systems
  • The Onset of Turbulence in the Wake of an Ion
  • VI Order in Chaos
  • Diversity and Universality. Spectral Structure of Discrete Time Evolution
  • Onset of Chaos in Fluid Dynamics
  • Transition to Chaos for Maps with Positive Schwarzian Derivative
  • Scaling Properties of Discrete Dynamical Systems
  • Phase Transitions in the Homoclinic Regime of Area Preserving Diffeomorphisms
  • Noise Scaling of Symbolic Dynamics Entropies
  • Dimension, Fractal Measures, and Chaotic Dynamics
  • VII Chaos in Quantum Systems
  • Cooperative and Chaotic Effects in a Hamiltonian Model of the Free-Electron Laser
  • Chaos in Quantum Mechanics
  • VIII Emergence of Order or Chaos in Complex Systems
  • Criticality and the Emergence of Structure
  • Strange Stability in Hierarchically Coupled Neuropsychobiological Systems
  • List of Contributors.