Molecular Semiconductors [E-Book] : Photoelectrical Properties and Solar Cells / by Jacques Simon, Jean-Jacques André ; edited by J. M. Lehn, Ch. W. Rees.
Simon, Jacques, (author)
André, Jean-Jacques, (author) / Lehn, J. M., (editor) / Rees, Ch. W., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1985
XIV, 290 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • I Basic Notions of Solid State Physics
  • I.1 Dark Conductivity: Generalities
  • I.2 Conduction in Metals: Drude and Sommerfeld Models
  • I.3 Band Model of Conduction
  • I.4 Limitations to Band Theory
  • I.5 Hopping and Tunneling Mechanisms of Charge Migration
  • I.6 Charge Carrier Trapping Processes
  • II Photoelectric Phenomena in Molecular Semiconductors
  • II. 1 Light Absorption
  • II.2 Energy Migration in Molecular Materials
  • II.3 Photogeneration of Charge Carriers
  • II.4 Semiconductor Junctions
  • II.5 Photovoltaic Effect
  • III Metallophthalocyanines
  • III. 1 Syntheses and Physico-Chemical Properties
  • III.2 Dark Electrical Properties
  • III.3 Photovoltaic Effect and Solar Cells
  • IV Poly acetylene
  • IV. 1 Synthesis and Physico-Chemical Properties of Polyacetylene
  • IV.2 Theoretical Properties
  • IV.3 Properties of Doped Polyacetylene
  • IV.4 Transport Properties of Polyacetylene
  • IV. 5 Photoelectric Properties and Solar Cells
  • V The Main Other Molecular Semiconductors
  • V. l Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Graphite
  • V.2 Metallo-Organic Derivatives
  • V.3 Charge Transfer Systems
  • V.4 Polysulfurnitride and Polydiacetylene
  • V.5 Polymethines
  • V.6 Polymeric Conjugated Systems
  • V.7 Molecular Solar Cells
  • Conclusion
  • References.