Magnetic Excitations and Fluctuations II [E-Book] : Proceedings of an International Workshop, Turin, Italy, May 25–30, 1987 / edited by Umberto Balucani, Stephen W. Lovesey, Mario G. Rasetti, Valerio Tognetti.
Balucani, Umberto, (editor)
Lovesey, Stephen W., (editor) / Rasetti, Mario G., (editor) / Tognetti, Valerio, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1987
X, 209 p. online resource.
Springer Proceedings in Physics ; 23
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Table of Contents:
  • I Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics
  • Statistical Mechanics of the Integrable Models
  • Lattice Equations, Hierarchies and Hamiltonian Structures
  • Modular Invariance and Two-Dimensional Critical Systems
  • Variational Principle for Quantum Effects on Nearly Sine-Gordon Chains
  • Quantum Theory of Planar Kinks in a Finite Easy Plane Ferromagnetic Chain
  • RAF Model and Solid Oxygen: Infinite Degeneracy, Soft Lines, No LRO in Classical Approximation and Order by Quantum Disorder
  • Phase Transitions in Ising Superlattices
  • A Fermionic Treatment of the Frustrated Ising Model
  • Calculation of Static Magnetic Susceptibilities of a Jahn-Teller E-Doublet
  • II Random Field Problems, Spin Glasses and Chaotic Behaviour
  • Critical Properties of the Random Field Ising Model
  • Random-Exchange and Random-Field xy-Chain for 5=1/2
  • Spin-glass-like Behaviour in Spinels
  • Harmonic Magnons in Spin Glasses: Cd0.35Mn0.65Te
  • On a Symmetric (2S+l)-State System Coupled to Its Environment: Tunneling Splitting and Quantum Coherence
  • Regular and Chaotic Dynamics of Classical Spin Systems
  • The Kicked Quantum Spin: A Model System for Quantum Chaos
  • Chaotic Dynamics of Spin Wave Instabilities
  • III Theory of Spin Excitations
  • Spin 1 vs Spin ½ Antiferromagnetic Chains: The Staggered Magnetization
  • Excitations and Critical Behavior in Generalized Heisenberg Spin Chains
  • Exact Results for the Out of Plane Dynamical Correlation Function in a Classical Easy Plane Ferromagnet at Low Temperatures
  • A Comparison of the Bethe Ansatz and Green Function Approaches to Two-Magnon States of the Ferromagnetic Chain
  • Nonlinear Effects in Low-Dimensional Magnetism: Solitons and Vortices
  • Theory of Excitations in Incommensurably Modulated Magnets
  • Linear Spin Dynamics of Incommensurably Modulated Magnets: Numerical and Analytic Results
  • On the Interpretation of Electronic and Phonon Anomalies in Mixed Valence Compounds
  • Bloch Lines as Magnetic Excitations in Domain Wall Dynamics with a Large Sensitivity to Initial Conditions
  • Dynamics of Magnetic Domain Walls and Barkhausen Noise in Metallic Ferromagnetic Systems
  • IV Spin Excitations: Experiments and Computer Simulations
  • Magnetic Fluctuations and Excitations in the S=1 Antiferromagnetic Chains of NENP
  • Study of Longitudinal Fluctuations in CsNiF3 by Means of Inelastic Polarized Neutron Scattering
  • Dynamics of Critical Fluctuations in Isotropic Ferromagnets: Current Problems
  • Magnetism of MnSi and FeSi
  • Neutron Scattering from Heavy Fermion Systems
  • Linear and Nonlinear Excitations in the S=1/2 Ferromagnetic Chain System [C6H11NH3]CuBr3 (CHAB)
  • Doublings of Soliton Modes and Soliton Magnetic Resonance (SMR)
  • Relaxation Phenomena in Non-linear Systems; A Mössbauer Effect Spectroscopy and Susceptibility Study
  • A Raman Scattering Study of the Spin-Phonon Interaction in Rutile Structure Antiferromagnets
  • Raman Scattering Studies of Optical Magnons and of High-Energy Magnetic Excitons
  • Spin-Dynamics Studies of Excitations in xy-Chains
  • Numerical Transfer-Kernel Results for the Classical xy-Chain in a Magnetic Field
  • Monte Carlo Simulation of the Quantum Sine-Gordon Chain
  • Index of Contributors.