Cellular Automata and Modeling of Complex Physical Systems [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Winter School, Les Houches, France, February 21–28, 1989 / edited by Paul Manneville, Nino Boccara, Gérard Y. Vichniac, Roger Bidaux.
Bidaux, Roger, (editor)
Boccara, Nino, (editor) / Manneville, Paul, (editor) / Vichniac, Gérard Y., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1989
IX, 319 p. online resource.
Springer Proceedings in Physics ; 46
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Table of Contents:
  • I Information Theory and Statistical Physics
  • Cellular Automata, Dynamics and Complexity
  • Scaling Properties of a Family of Transformations Defined on Cellular Automaton Rules
  • Entropy and Correlations in Dynamical Lattice Systems
  • Cellular Automata Probability Measures
  • Complex Computing with Cellular Automata
  • Phase Transitions of Two-State Probabilistic Cellular Automata with One Absorbing Phase
  • Simulating the Ising Model on a Cellular Automaton
  • Domain Growth Kinetics: Microscopic Derivation of the t1/2 Law
  • Critical Behavior in Cellular Automata Models of Growth
  • II Lattice Gas Theory and Direct Applications
  • Deterministic Cellular Automata with Diffusive Behavior
  • Cellular Automata Approach to Diffusion Problems
  • Long-Time Decay of Velocity Autocorrelation Function of Two- Dimensional Lattice Gas Cellular Automata
  • Evidence for Lagrangian Tails in a Lattice Gas
  • The Construction of Efficient Collision Tables for Fluid Flow Computations with Cellular Automata
  • Lattice Boltzmann Computing on the IBM 3090 Vector Multiprocessor
  • Bibliography on Lattice Gases and Related Topics
  • III Modeling of Microscopic Physical Processes
  • Multi-species Lattice-Gas Automata for Realistic Fluid Dynamics
  • Immiscible Lattice Gases: New Results, New Models
  • Lattice Gas Simulation of 2-D Viscous Fingering
  • Dynamics of Colloidal Dispersions via Lattice-Gas Models of an Incompressible Fluid
  • Strings: A Cellular Automata Model of Moving Objects
  • Cellular Automata Approach to Reaction-Diffusion Systems
  • Simulation of Surface Reactions in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Sequential and Parallel Aspects
  • IV Complex Macroscopic Behavior, Turbulence
  • Periodic Orbits in a Coupled Map Lattice Model
  • Phase Transitions in Convection Experiments
  • Using Coupled Map Lattices to Unveil Structures in the Space of Cellular Automata
  • V Design of Special-Purpose Computers
  • A Cellular Automata Machine
  • Index of Contributors.