Building Global Security Through Cooperation [E-Book] : Annals of Pugwash 1989 / edited by Joseph Rotblat, John P. Holdren.
Holdren, John P., (editor)
Rotblat, Joseph, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1990
XI, 304 p. 3 illus. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • I Strategic Forces and Their Limitation
  • Prospects for Strategic Offensive and Defensive Forces
  • Reductions in Strategic Nuclear Warheads
  • The Role of “Glasnost” in the Future of the Arms Race
  • Accidental Nuclear War
  • II European Security
  • The Vienna Force Reduction Talks: Resolved and Unresolved Tasks
  • Problems and Prospects for Negotiations on Short-Range Nuclear Forces
  • The Ideological Dimension of European Security
  • Non-Military Aspects of European Security
  • III Chemical Weapons and Their Control
  • Chemical Weapons — Destruction, Conversion or Endless Debate?
  • Destruction of Chemical Weapons
  • An International Scientific Methodology for Verification of Non-Production of Chemical Weapons
  • The Chemical Weapons Convention: Particular Concerns of Developing Countries
  • The Chemical Weapons Convention: A Different View
  • IV Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and Testing
  • The Non-Proliferation Treaty: Status of Implementation and the Threatening Developments
  • Beyond Non-Proliferation
  • The Linkage Between Non-Proliferation, Deterrence Policy, Nuclear Testing and the Arms Race
  • V The Arms Trade and Regional Conflict
  • Recent Patterns of Arms Trade and Regional Conflict
  • The Arms Trade and Regional Conflict: Suppliers’ Policies and Behaviour and Their Consequences
  • Socio-Economic Consequences of Arms Transfers
  • Control of the Arms Trade as a Contribution to Conflict Prevention
  • VI Role of United Nations and Multilateral Organizations in International Security
  • The Role of the United Nations and Multilateral Organizations in International Security
  • Regional Organizations and Their Contribution to International Security: The Case of ASEAN
  • The Role of Regional Organizations in the Maintenance of Peace and Security in Latin America
  • VII Energy — Environment — Development Interaction
  • Lifestyles, Energy Choices and Development
  • Broadening the Global Security Debate: Regional and Global Dialogues on Environmental Issues
  • Development of Energy in China and Its Influence on the Environment
  • VIII East-West and North-South Cooperation
  • Trade and Finance: The Bitter Truth
  • New Approaches to South-South Cooperation
  • A Decade of Intended Cooperation in Science and Technology — The 1979 Vienna Programme of Action
  • The Roles of Transnational Public and Private Mechanisms
  • Appendices
  • Pugwash Council: Statement on the 39th Pugwash Conference
  • Statement of the Pugwash Executive Committee on the Fourth NPT Review Conference in 1990
  • Acronyms
  • Notes on the Contributors.