Philosophical Reflections and Syntheses [E-Book] / edited by Jagdish Mehra.
Mehra, Jagdish, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1995
XI, 631 p. online resource.
The Collected Works of Eugene Paul Wigner, Part B Historical, Philosophical, and Socio-Political Papers ; B / 6
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Table of Contents:
  • Philosophical Reflections and Syntheses
  • I Epistemology of Quantum Mechanics
  • Discussion: Comments on Professor Putnam’s Comments
  • Two Kinds of Reality
  • Epistemology of Quantum Mechanics
  • Epistemological Perspective on Quantum Theory
  • Reality and Quantum Mechanics / Realität and Quantenmechanik
  • Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
  • The Limitations of Determinism
  • The Nonrelativistic Nature of the Present Quantum Mechanical Measurement Theory
  • II Quantum-Mechanical Measuring Process
  • The Measurement of Quantum-Mechanical Operators / Die Messung quantenmechanischer Operatoren
  • Theory of Quantum-Mechanical Measurement / Theorie der quantenmechanischen Messung
  • The Problem of Measurement
  • Some Comments Concerning Measurements in Quantum Mechanics
  • On the Change of the Skew Information in the Process of Quantum-Mechanical Measurements
  • The Subject of Our Discussions
  • The Philosophical Problem
  • Questions of Physical Theory
  • On Bub’s Misunderstanding of Bell’s Locality Argument
  • Review of the Quantum-Mechanical Measurement Problem
  • III Consciousness
  • Remarks on the Mind-Body Question
  • The Place of Consciousness in Modern Physics
  • New Dimensions of Consciousness
  • The Existence of Consciousness
  • IV Symmetries
  • Invariance in Physical Theory
  • On the Law of Conservation of Heavy Particles
  • Symmetry and Conservation Laws
  • The Role of Invariance Principles in Natural Philosophy
  • Events, Laws of Nature, and Invariance Principles (Nobel address)
  • Events, Laws of Nature, and Invariance Principles
  • Violations of Symmetry in Physics
  • Symmetry Principles in Old and New Physics
  • Symmetry in Nature
  • V Relativity
  • Relativistic Invariance and Quantum Phenomena
  • Relativistic Equations in Quantum Mechanics
  • VI Nuclear Physics
  • On the Development of the Compound Nucleus Model
  • Summary of the Conference (Properties of Nuclear States, Montreal 1969)
  • Summary of the Conference (Polarization Phenomena, Madison 1971)
  • Introductory Talk (Statistical Properties of Nuclei)
  • Concluding Remarks (Symmetry Properties of Nuclei, Solvay Conference 1970)
  • VII Broader Philosophical Essays
  • The Limits of Science
  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences
  • The Growth of Science — Its Promise and Its Dangers
  • Physics and the Explanation of Life
  • On Some of Physics’ Problems
  • Physics and Its Relation to Human Knowledge
  • The Problems, Future and Limits of Science
  • The Extension of the Area of Science
  • The Glorious Days of Physics
  • Some Problems of Our Natural Sciences.