Boundary-Layer Separation [E-Book] : Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium London, August 26–28, 1986 / edited by Frank T. Smith, Susan N. Brown.
Brown, Susan N., (editor)
Smith, Frank T., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1987
XVI, 412 p. online resource.
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Table of Contents:
  • Session 1
  • Steady viscous flow past a cylinder and a sphere at high Reynolds numbers
  • Prediction of buffeting and calculation of unsteady boundary layer separation over airfoils
  • Observation of three-dimensional “separation” in shock wave turbulent boundary layer interactions
  • Structure of flow in leading-edge separation bubbles
  • Computation of unsteady separation using Lagrangian procedures
  • Session 2
  • On turbulent boundary-layer separation
  • Three-dimensional supersonic separation
  • Experiments on hydrodynamic instability of boundary layers with separation
  • Separation of flow in a two-dimensional channel
  • Session 3
  • The Brillouin — Villat condition in the theory of separation
  • Velocity profiles for two dimensional turbulent separated flows
  • Analysis of three-dimensional separated flow using interacting boundary-layer theory
  • A review of two-dimensional turbulent separated flow calculation methods
  • A new interacting boundary-layer formulation for flows past bluff bodies
  • Session 4
  • A new asymptotic theory of turbulent boundary layers and the turbulent Goldstein problem
  • Vortex formation in unsteady flow near a moving wall
  • Simulation of separated flow past a bluff body using Navier-Stokes equations
  • Some features of the transcritical boundary layer interaction and separation
  • Session 5
  • Unsteady triple-deck flows leading to instabilities
  • Interrelation of the flow separation, stability and coherent structures
  • Separation and reattachment near the leading edge of a thin wing
  • Simulation of three-dimensional boundary-layer separation
  • Separating flow: small-scale, large-scale, and nonlinear unsteady effects
  • Session 6
  • Breakdown of steady and unsteady interacting boundary layers
  • Asymptotic separation from slender cones at incidence
  • Poster Session
  • Experimental investigation of topological structures in three-dimensional separated flow
  • Experimental investigation of three-dimensional separation on ellipsoid bodies at incidence
  • Three-dimensional separated flow structures
  • Asymptotic theory of high Reynolds number turbulent flows
  • Nonuniqueness of triple-deck solutions for axisymmetric supersonic flow with separation
  • The dynamic interaction between dune shape, flow field and sediment motion
  • Structure of confined wakes behind a circular cylinder
  • Low-Rossby-number flow past a circular cylinder in a rotating frame
  • Closing of The Symposium
  • Closing remarks.