Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering Systems [E-Book] : IUTAM Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany, August 21–25, 1989 / edited by W. Schiehlen.
Schiehlen, W., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1990
XVIII, 362 p. 6 illus. online resource.
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Table of Contents:
  • Lyapunov Exponents and Stochastic Bifurcations
  • Liapunov Stability Analysis for Control of Flexible Manipulators
  • Nonlinear Effects in Dynamics of Controlled Two-legged Walking
  • 1/2 Subharmonic Resonance and Chaotic Motions in a Model of Elastic Cable
  • Nonlinear Dynamics of the Journal Bearing
  • Extended Results of Subharmonic Resonance Bifurcation of Nonlinear Mathieu Equation and Some Experimental Results
  • Evolution of Rigid Body Motions due to Dissipative Torques
  • Low Dimensional Behavior in Chaotic Nonplanar Motions of a Forced Elastic Rod: Experiment and Theory
  • Localized Buckling as Statical Homoclinic Soliton and Spacial Complexity
  • Dynamic Plasticity: Structural Drift and Modal Projections
  • Nonlinear Vibrations of Carbon Brushes Sustained by Thermoelastic Effects of the Slipring
  • Analysis of Dynamical Systems by Truncated Point Mappings and Cell Mapping
  • Effect of Constant Transverse Force on Chaotic Oscillations of Sinusoidally Excited Buckled Beam
  • Coexistence of Periodic Points and Chaos in a Nonlinear Discrete-Time System
  • Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Nonlinear Coupled Oscillators under Random Excitation..
  • Fractal Properties of the Bouncing-Ball Dynamics
  • Analysis of Nonlinear Structural Vibrations by Normal Transform Theory
  • Crises in Mechanical Systems
  • New Instability Aspects for Nonlinear Nonconservative Systems with Precritical Deformation
  • The Exact Almost Sure Stability for a Specific Class of Non-Linear Ito Differential Equations
  • Some Aspects of the Analysis of Systems with Local Nonlinearities
  • Stochastic Model for Rattling in Gear-Boxes
  • Hopf Bifurcation in the Dynamics of a Rotor/Bearing System
  • Random Vibration of Hysteretic Systems
  • Spacial and Temporal Chaos in Elastic Continua
  • Indirect Measurement of Nonlinear Effects by State Observers
  • Chaotic Motion in Nonlinear System with Coulomb Damping
  • A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Modal Interactions on the Nonlinear Response of Structures
  • Nonlinear Oscillations of Structures Induced by Dry Friction
  • Characterisation of Chaotic Regimes and Transitions in a Thermally-Driven, Rotating Stratified Fluid
  • Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Discontinuities
  • Integrated System for Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Self-Similar Basin Boundary in a Continuous System
  • Global Nonlinear Oscillations and Onset of Chaos
  • On Symmetry Breaking Bifurcations: Local and Global Phenomena
  • The Supression of Chaos in Periodically Forced Oscillators
  • Dynamics of Dot-Matrix Printers
  • The Approximate Criteria for Chaos in Multi-well Potential Vibrating Systems
  • Loss of Engineering Integrity due to the Erosion of Absolute and Transient Basin Boundaries
  • Calculation of Stability Characteristics through Interpolated Mapping
  • Decay and Resonance of Coherent States
  • Analysis and Simulation of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
  • Global Analysis of the Loss of Stability of a Special Railway Bogy
  • Bifurcations in a Hard Spring Duffing Oscillator.