Dynamics of Controlled Mechanical Systems [E-Book] : IUTAM/IFAC Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland, May 30–June 3, 1988 / edited by G. Schweitzer, M. Mansour.
Mansour, M., (editor)
Schweitzer, G., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1989
XIV, 377 p. online resource.
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Federation of Automatic Control
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Table of Contents:
  • Modeling
  • Model Verification by Experiments with Finite Effect Sequences.(FES)
  • Modeling the Dynamics of a Complete Vehicle with Nonlinear Wheel Suspension Kinematics and Elastic Hinges
  • Computer Aided Formulation of Equations of Motion
  • State Equations of Motion for Flexible Bodies in Terms of Quasi-Coordinates
  • Design Tools
  • Simulation, Test and Diagnostics Integrated for a Safety Design of Magnetic Bearing Prototypes
  • Hardware - Software Interfaces for Dynamical Simulations
  • Graphical Tools
  • Towards Graphical Programming in Control of Mechanical Systems
  • Graphical Verification of Complex Multibody Motion in Space Applications
  • Examples for the Dynamics of Controlled Mechanical Systems
  • Active Vibration Control of a Cantilever Beam by a Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuator
  • Fiber Connected Tug of War
  • Structure of Magnetic Bearing Control System for Compensating Unbalance Force
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Placing Dynamic Sensors and Actuators on Flexible Space Structures
  • Aerospace
  • A Simple Active Controller to Supress Helicopter Air Resonance in Hover and Forward Flight
  • Active Vibration Control for Flexible Space Environment Use Manipulators
  • Orientation of Large Orbital Stations
  • Attitude Stability of a Flexible Asymmetric Dual Spin Spacecraft
  • Robotics
  • Robot Control in Cartesian Space with Adaptive Nonlinear Dynamics Compensation
  • Modeling and Control of Elastic Robot Arm with Prismatic Joint
  • A Decentralized and Robust Controller for Robots
  • Isotropic and Uniform Inertial and Acceleration Characteristics: Issues in the Design of Redundant Manipulators
  • Effect of Sampling Rates on the Performance of Model-Based Control Schemes
  • Modeling and Control of a Flexible Robot Link
  • Decomposed Parameter Identification Approach of Robot Dynamics
  • Dynamic Behavior of a Flexible Robotic Manipulator
  • Vehicles
  • Control of an Active Suspension System for a Wheeled Vehicle
  • Dynamic Modeling of High Speed Ground Transportation Vehicles for Control Design and Performance Evaluation
  • Trajectory Planning and Motion Control of Mobile Robots
  • Researches of the Biped Robot in Japan.