Adiabatic Waves in Liquid-Vapor Systems [E-Book] : IUTAM Symposium Göttingen, 28.8.–1.9.1989 / edited by Gerd E. A. Meier, Philip A. Thompson.
Meier, Gerd E. A., (editor)
Thompson, Philip A., (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1990
XVII, 436 p. online resource.
International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Table of Contents:
  • I. Liquefaction shock waves and evaporation waves
  • Evaporation wave model for superheated liquids
  • Evaporation waves in fluids of high molar specific heat
  • An experimental study of evaporation waves in a superheated liquid
  • Waves in reactive bubbly liquids
  • Determination of condensation parameter of vapours by using a shock-tube
  • Vapor condensation behind a shock wave propagating through vapor-liquid two-phase media
  • Shock wave propagation in low temperature fluids and phase change phenomena
  • On an inviscid approach to phase transition problem
  • Interaction of underwater shock wave with air bubbles
  • II. Condensation in flow, boiling
  • Phase changes of a large-heat-capacity fluid in transcritical expansion flows
  • Experimental investigation and computer analysis of spontaneous condensation in stationary nozzle flow of CO2-air mixtures
  • Spontaneous condensation in stationary nozzle flow of carbon dioxide in a wide range of density
  • An asymptotic predictive method for gas dynamics with nonequilibrium condensation
  • Stationary and moving normal shock waves in wet steam
  • Numerical investigation of nitrogen condensation in 2-D transonic flows in cryogenic wind tunnels
  • Explosive boiling: some experimental situations
  • On the similarity character of an unsteady rarefaction wave in a gas-vapour mixture with condensation
  • Properties of kinematic waves in two-phase pipe flows
  • Growth of n-propanol droplets in argon studied by means of a shock tube expansion-compression process
  • A discrete kinetic model resembling retrograde gases
  • III. Non-equilibrium in dynamic systems, critical phenomena
  • Internal gravitational waves near thermodynamic critical point
  • Effect of thermodynamic disequilibrium on critical liquid-vapor flow conditions
  • Wave propagation in flowing bubbly liquid
  • Stability of shock waves and general equations of state
  • Rarefaction and liquefaction shock waves in regular and retrograde fluids with near-critical end states
  • IV. Cavitation waves and evaporation waves
  • Strong evaporation from a plane condensed phase
  • Film boiling phenomena in liquid-vapour interfaces
  • On the macroscopic boundary conditions at the interface for a vapour-gas mixture
  • Remarks on the traveling wave theory of dynamic phase transitions
  • V. Acoustic phenomena in two-phase systems, cavitation
  • Cavitation behind tension waves
  • Acoustics of travelling bubble cavitation
  • Modeling of shock-wave loading of liquid volumes
  • Liquid-vapour phase change and sound attenuation
  • Nonstationary wave processes in boiling media
  • VI. Vapor explosions
  • Explosion hydrodynamics: experiment and models
  • Vapor detonations in superheated fluids
  • Propagation of a vapor explosion in a confined geometry
  • The development of cavity clusters in tensile stress fields.