Physics of Gravitating Systems II [E-Book] : Nonlinear Collective Processes: Nonlinear Waves, Solitons, Collisionless Shocks, Turbulence. Astrophysical Applications / by A. M. Fridman, V. L. Polyachenko.
Fridman, A. M., (author)
Polyachenko, V. L., (author)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1984
XII, 358 p. 12 illus. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • (Volume II)
  • Non-Jeans Instabilities of Gravitating Systems
  • VI Non-Jeans Instabilities of Gravitating Systems
  • VII Problems of Nonlinear Theory
  • II Astrophysical Applications
  • VIII General Remarks
  • IX Spherical Systems
  • X Ellipsoidal Systems
  • XI Disk-like Systems. Spiral Structure
  • XII Other Applications
  • § 1. Collisionless Kinetic Equation and Poisson Equation in Different Coordinate Systems
  • § 2. Separation of Angular Variables in the Problem of Small Perturbations of Spherically Symmetrical Collisionless Systems
  • § 3. Statistical Simulation of Stellar Systems
  • 3.1. Simulation of Stellar Spheres of the First Camm Series
  • 3.2. Simulation of Homogeneous Nonrotating Ellipsoids
  • § 4. The Matrix Formulation of the Problem of Eigenoscillations of a Spherically-Symmetrical Collisionless System
  • § 5. The Matrix Formulation of the Problem of Eigenoscillations of Collisionless Disk Systems
  • 5.1. The Main Ideas of the Derivation of the Matrix Equation
  • 5.2. “Lagrange” Derivation of the Matrix Equation
  • § 6. Derivation of the Dispersion Equation for Perturbations of the Three-Axial Freeman Ellipsoid
  • § 7. WKB Solutions of the Poisson Equation Taking into Account the Preexponential Terms and Solution of the Kinetic Equation in the Postepicyclic Approximation
  • 7.1. The Relation Between the Potential and the Surface Density
  • 7.2. Calculations of the Response of a Stellar Disk to an Imposed Perturbation of the Potential
  • § 8. On the Derivation of the Nonlinear Dispersion Equation for Collisionless Disk
  • § 9. Calculation of the Matrix Elements for the Three-Waves Interaction
  • § 10. Derivation of the Formulas for the Boundaries of Wave Numbers Range Which May Take Part in a Decay
  • §11. Derivation of the Kinetic Equation for Waves
  • § 12. Table of Non-Jeans Instabilities (with a Short Summary)
  • References
  • Additional References.