Explaining Technical Change in a Small Country [E-Book] : The Finnish National Innovation System / edited by Synnöve Vuori, Pentti Vuorinen.
Vuori, Synnöve, (editor)
Vuorinen, Pentti, (editor)
Heidelberg : Physica-Verlag, 1994
XI, 215 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1 Outlines of the Finnish Innovation System: The Institutional Setup and Performance
  • 2 Pecularities of Social and Technological Change in the Finnish Society
  • 3 The Social Infrastructure of Innovation in Finland
  • 4 Growth and Technical Change in Finland: The Role of Collective Sharing of Economic Risks
  • 5 The Role of Firms in Technological Change — A Company View
  • 6 Comparing National Systems of Innovation. The Case of Finland, Denmark and Sweden
  • 7 Technological Systems and Economic Growth: Comparing Finland, Sweden, Japan, and the United States
  • 8 Characteristics of Technology Policy in Finland
  • 9 Comment on Tarmo Lemola’s Article
  • 10 The Rigidities and Potential of a National Innovation System.