Clustering Phenomena in Atoms and Nuclei [E-Book] : International Conference on Nuclear and Atomic Clusters, 1991, European Physical Society Topical Conference, Åbo Akademi, Turku, Finland, June 3–7, 1991 / edited by Mårten Brenner, Tom Lönnroth, F. Bary Malik.
Brenner, Mårten, (editor)
Lönnroth, Tom, (editor) / Malik, F. Bary, (editor)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1992
XVI, 584 p. 301 illus. online resource.
Springer Series in Nuclear and Particle Physics
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Table of Contents:
  • I Clusters and Nuclei
  • Shell Structure in Nuclei and in Metal Clusters
  • Simple Models for Metal Clusters
  • Electronic Shell Structure in Metal Clusters
  • Quantum Chemical Interpretation of Absorption Spectra of Small Alkali Metal Clusters
  • Effects of Crystal Field Splitting and Surface Faceting on the Electronic Shell Structure
  • Fermion-Boson Classification in Microclusters
  • Multipole Response of 3He Clusters
  • Size-Dependent Plasmons in Small Metal Clusters
  • Nucleonic Orbitals in the Valence Particle Plus Core Model of Nuclear Reactions
  • Magic Numbers in Atomic Clusters: Energetic, Electronic and Structural Effects
  • II Theoretical Approaches
  • Medium Dependence in Heavy Ion Collisions
  • Energy-Density Functional Formalism in Nuclear Physics
  • An Inverse Scattering Theory for the Identical Particles and the 12C-12C Potential
  • The Role of a Repulsive Core in the Investigation of Clusters in Light Nuclei
  • Microscopic Versus Macroscopic Treatment of Clusters in Nuclei
  • An Operator Interpolation Method for the Description of Intercluster Dynamics
  • Pauli-Forbidden States and the Levinson Theorem in ? + ? Scattering
  • Construction of Permutational Symmetry Adapted Non-Spurious States for Multi-Cluster Systems
  • Correlated Basis Approach to Strong Interacting Systems
  • Non-Closed-Shell Nuclear Clusters and the Algebraic Approach
  • Microscopic Cluster Models for Nuclear Astrophysics
  • The Visualization of the Energetic Structure of Nuclear Molecules
  • Nuclear Structure Effects in Elastic and Inelastic Scattering of Light Ions
  • III Cluster Radioactivity (f-Decay) and Fragmentation
  • From Nuclear Molecules to Cluster Radioactivities
  • Theories of Cluster Radioactivities
  • Mechanism of the Spontaneous and Induced Two-Body Fragmentation of Heavy Nuclei
  • Cluster Radioactivity and Nuclear Structure-Clusters as Solitons
  • Cluster Radioactivity
  • Observation of Nuclear Clusters in the Spontaneous Decay of Heavy Clusters
  • Evidence of Spontaneous Emission of Oxygen Clusters from 228Th
  • New Points of View on the Symmetric Fission of 258Fm
  • Shell Model Approach to the Description of Cluster Radioactivity of Heavy Nuclei
  • Exotic Cluster Decays and Reinforcing and Switching of Shell Gaps in Nuclei
  • Alpha Widths in Deformed Nuclei: A Microscopic Approach
  • Clusters in Nuclear Fission
  • Excitation and Fission in Alkali-Atom Clusters
  • Fragmentation of Doubly Charged Alkali-Metal Clusters
  • Effects of Electronic and Atomic Shell Configurations on Fragmentations of Metal Clusters
  • Spontaneous Decay of Ionized Atomic Clusters: Statistical and Non-Statistical Channels
  • IV Clustering in Light Nucle
  • Alpha-Nucleus Interaction Beyond Woods-Saxon
  • Local Potential Description of Elastic Scattering and of Cluster Structure in Light Nuclei
  • Alpha Clustering in Nuclei and the Structure of 44Ti
  • General Regularities in Alpha-Particle-Nucleus Interaction and Cluster Structure of Light Nuclei
  • Excitation Functions of Elastic Scattering of Alpha-Particles on Light Nuclei Measured in Reversed Geometry at Zero Degree
  • High-Resolution Study of ?+28Si Elastic Scattering with a Cyclotron Fragmented ?-Cluster States?
  • Semi-microscopic n?-Cluster Model for Light Nuclei
  • Large Clusters in Light Nuclei
  • Molecular Resonances in 24Mg Revealed in the 12C(20Ne, 12C12C)8Be Reaction
  • Detection of 12C Fragments in the First Excited 0+ State—Nuclear Structure in 24Mg?
  • The Properties of 28Si Resonances at the 31.5 MeV and 33.2 MeV Excitation Energies via the 24Mg(?, 12C)16O and 24Mg(?, ?)24Mg Reactions
  • V Atomic Clusters and Ions
  • Energetics and Dynamics of Solvation and Fission in Clusters
  • Role of Valence Electrons in the Structure and Properties of Microclusters
  • Atomic Clusters and Inelastic Sputtering of Condensed Matter by Ions
  • Precision Measurements of Atomic Masses Using Highly Charged Ions and Atomic Clusters
  • Carbon Clusters from a Cs-Sputter Ion Source
  • Atomic Structure and Magic Numbers for Cu Clusters at Elevated Temperatures
  • Calculation of the Photoionization Cross Sections for Small Metal Clusters
  • VI Reactions and Clusters
  • Alpha Cluster Emission in Heavy Ion Fragmentation
  • Peculiarities in Partial Cross Sections of Light Heavy-Ion Reactions — Evidence for Nuclear Molecules
  • Multiply Charged Atomic Clusters
  • Analytical Determination of the Microscopic N-N Interaction Potential — Applications to Cluster Transfer and Fusion Reactions
  • Formation and Dissolution of Clusters Studied with Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics
  • Cluster Degree of Freedom and Nuclear Reaction and Decay
  • Competition Between Light Cluster and Constituent Multinucleon Emission in Heavy-Ion Nuclear Reactions
  • Heavy-Cluster Transfer Reactions
  • Collisions Between Atomic Clusters
  • Cluster Transfer at Very Low Energies
  • VII Post-Conference Thoughts
  • Nuclear Versus Atomic Clusters
  • Index of Contributors.