Acoustics of Layered Media II [E-Book] : Point Sources and Bounded Beams / by Leonid M. Brekhovskikh, Oleg A. Godin.
Brekhovskikh, Leonid M., (author)
Godin, Oleg A., (author)
Second, Updated and Enlarged Edition.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 1999
XV, 524 p. online resource.
Springer Series on Wave Phenomena ; 10
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Reflection and Refraction of Spherical Waves
  • 2. Reflection of Bounded Wave Beams
  • 3. The Lateral Wave
  • 4. Exact Theory of the Sound Field in Inhomogeneous Moving Media
  • 5. High Frequency Sound Fields
  • 6. The Field at and near a Caustic
  • 7. Wave Propagation in a Range Dependent Waveguide
  • 8. Energy Conservation and Reciprocity for Waves in Three-Dimensionally Inhomogeneous Moving Media
  • Appendix A. The Reference Integrals Method
  • A.1 The Method of Steepest Descent
  • A.1.1 Integrals over an Infinite Contour
  • A.1.2 Integrals over Semi-infinite Contours
  • A.1.3 Integrals with Finite Limits
  • A.1.4 The Contribution of Branch Points
  • A.1.5 Integrals with Saddle Points of Higher Orders
  • A.1.6 Several Saddle Points
  • A.1.7 Concluding Remarks
  • A.2 Integrals over a Real Variable
  • A.2.1 Asymptotics of Laplace Integrals
  • A.2.2 Stationary Phase Method. Asymptotics of Fourier Integrals
  • A.2.3 Asymptotics of Multiple Fourier Integrals
  • A.2.4 Asymptotics of Multiple Laplace Integrals
  • A.2.5 Contributions of Critical Points on a Boundary
  • A.3 Uniform Asymptotics of Integrals
  • A.3.1 The Concept of Uniform Asymptotics
  • A.3.2 A Pole and a Simple Stationary Point
  • A.3.3 A Single Simple Stationary Point and a Branch Point
  • A.3.4 Semi-infinite Contours
  • A.3.5 Other Cases
  • A.3.6 Concluding Remarks
  • Appendix B. Differential Equations of Coupled-Mode Propagation in Fluids with Sloping Boundaries and Interfaces
  • B.1 Derivation of the Differential Equations for Mode Coupling
  • B.2 Mode-Coupling Coefficients in Terms of Environmental Gradients
  • B.3 Energy Conservation and Symmetry of the Mode Coupling Coefficients
  • B.4 Convergence of Normal Mode Expansions and its Implications on the Mode-Coupling Equations: Two Examples
  • Appendix C. Reciprocity and Energy Conservation Within the Parabolic Approximation
  • C.1 Definitions and Basic Relationships
  • C.1.1 Range-Independent One-Way Wave Equations
  • C.1.2 Equivalence of Reciprocity and Energy Conservation
  • C.2 Energy Conserving and Reciprocal One-Way Wave Equation
  • C.3 Generalized Claerbout PE (GCPE)
  • C.3.1 GCPE Derivation
  • C.3.2 Local Reciprocity and Energy Balance Relations
  • C.3.3 Media with Interfaces
  • C.4 Comparison of Different One-Way Approximations
  • C.5 Conclusion
  • References.