Non-Smooth Thermomechanics [E-Book] / by Michel Frémond.
Frémond, Michel, (author)
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer, 2002
XVI, 480 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. The Description of a Material
  • 3. The Constitutive Laws. Case of No Constraint on the State Quantities or Their Velocities
  • 5. The Constitutive Laws on a Discontinuity Surface
  • 6. Deformable Solids with Interactions at a Distance
  • 7. Deformable Solids Without Interaction at a Distance
  • 8. Collision of Rigid Bodies. Multiple Collisions
  • 9. Evolution of Two Deformable Solids with Collisions
  • 10. Material with Volume Interactions at a Distance. Fibre Reinforced Material
  • 11. Solid—Liquid Phase Change. Supercooling. Soil Freezing
  • 12. Damage. Gradient of Damage
  • 13. Shape Memory Alloys
  • 14. Unilateral Contact. Contact with Adhesion
  • A.1 Convex Functions
  • A.1.1 Subgradient of a Convex Function. Subdifferential Set
  • A.1.2 Indicator Function of a Set
  • A.1.5 Indicator Function of the Segment [0, 1]
  • A.1.7 Indicator Function of a Triangle
  • A.1.9 A Property of the Subdifferential Set
  • A.1.10The Dual Function of a Convex Function
  • A.2 Material Derivatives
  • A.2.1 Material Derivative of a Function
  • A.2.2 Material Derivative of a Surface Integral
  • A.2.3 Material Derivative of a Double Surface Integral
  • A.2.4 Mass Balance on a Surface
  • A.2.5 Material Derivatives of Integrals of Mass Densities
  • References.