Facts and Prospects of Gauge Theories [E-Book] / edited by Paul Urban.
Urban, Paul, (editor)
Vienna : Springer, 1978
VI, 890 p. online resource.
Acta Physica Austriaca, Proceedings of the XVII. Internationale Universitätswochen für Kernphysik 1978 der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz at Schladming (Steiermark, Austria) 21st February–3rd March 1978 ; 19/1978
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Table of Contents:
  • Opening Address
  • Elementary Introduction to Gauge Theories
  • Effects of Topological Charge in Gauge Theories
  • Topological Methods for Gauge Theories
  • Lattice Gauge Fields
  • Gauge Fields on a Lattice (Selected Topics)
  • Chromodynamic Theory of Hadrons
  • Jets and QCD
  • Supersymmetry and Gauge Theories of Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions
  • Gauge Theories of Gravitation
  • High-Energy Neutrino Experiments
  • Hadron Induced Lepton Production
  • Charm and Heavy Lepton Production by e+-e? Interactions
  • Analysis of T-violation without Assumed CPT
  • KSO Decays and Lorentz Invariance
  • A Unified Gauge Theory without ?-e Universality
  • Classical Limit for Arbitrary Commutation Relations
  • Nonlocal Properties of Fermionic Matter in Strong Gravitational Fields
  • Low-Energy ?N- and NN-Scattering in Chiral Dynamics with the Use of Superpropagators
  • Remarks on Vacuum Structure of Yang-Mills Theory
  • Multi-Dimensional Unified Theory
  • Remarks on Symanzik’s Approach to Nonrenormalizable Theories
  • A Quasi-Metric Associated with SU(2) Yang-Mills Fields
  • Observable Consequences of Spontaneously Broken Non-Abelian Symmetries
  • Summary.