Photoelasticity [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Photoelasticity, Tokyo, 1986 / edited by Masataka Nisida, Kozo Kawata.
Kawata, Kozo, (editor)
Nisida, Masataka, (editor)
Tokyo : Springer, 1986
XVI, 292 p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • I Survey
  • A Historical Survey of the Development of Photoelasticity in Germany, Especially in Munich
  • Photoelasticity in Japan: A Survey
  • II Visco-Elasto-Plastic Behaviour
  • Determination of Sign and Components of Artificial Birefringence of Visco-Elasto-Plastic Materials
  • A Simplified Optical Method for Measuring Residual Stress by Rapid Cooling in Thermosetting Resin Plate
  • Silver-Chloride, a Model Material for Photoelastic Investigations into Plastic-Elastic Behaviour of Machine-Elements
  • III Moire and Speckle
  • Advances in Moire Interferometry
  • Scanning-moire Method
  • Modification at the Reconstruction in Holographic Interferometry
  • Strain Measurements by Laser-Speckle
  • IVa High Speed Photoelasticity
  • Dynamic Stress Concentration Analysis in High Velocity Tension of Strips with Notches or Hole by Means of High Speed Photoelasticity
  • Analysis of Impact Bending of Cantilevers with Various Depth/Span Ratios by Means of High Speed Photoelasticity
  • IVb High Speed Photoelasticity
  • Photoelastic Analysis of Dynamic Fracture Behaviour
  • Visualization of Pulsed Ultrasound Using a Combined Photoelastic-Schlieren System
  • Va Caustics and Stress Intensity Factor
  • The Shadow Optical Method of Caustics —An Overview on Its Applications in Stress-Concentration Problems
  • Some New Trials on the Technique of the Method of Caustics
  • Application of the Caustic Method to an Environmental Crack-Craze Growth Problem
  • Vb Caustics and Stress Intensity Factor
  • Topics in Photomechanics — Crack, Wave and Contacts
  • The Pseudocaustics for the Evaluation of the Order of Singularity in Stress Fields
  • VIa New Techniques in Photoelasticity
  • Some New Developments in Photoelasticity
  • Micro-Photoelasticity and Its Picture Processing
  • A Stress Freezing Procedure for Less Photoelastic Model Distortion
  • VIb New Techniques in Photoelasticity
  • On Wooden Column under Torsion and Deflection of Membrane
  • A Method for Detecting Isoclinics by Modified Isochromatics
  • New Research Perspectives Opened by Isodyne and Strain Gradient Photoelasticity
  • VIIa Stresses in Structures
  • Stresses and Deformations at the Beam-to-Wall Joints of Shear Wall Structures
  • Three-Dimensional Photoelastic Analysis of Aeroengine Rotary Parts
  • VIIb Stresses in Structures
  • Stresses in Pin-Loaded Glass-Epoxy Plates Using Transmission Photoelasticity
  • Photoelastic Analysis of Stresses in Composites
  • Photostress and New Photo-elastic Coating Technique by in Situ Testing of Bridges
  • VIII Propagation of Polarized Light
  • Integrated Photoelasticity as Tensor Field Tomography
  • Stress Analysis for Axi-Symmetrical Problems by Scattered Light Photoelasticity
  • Applications of Coherent Optics to Experimental Mechanics
  • IX Numerical Method of Stress Analysis
  • Separation of Principal Stresses Using Boundary Element Method
  • Non Destructive Three Dimensional Photoelasticity, Finite Strain Applications
  • An Automatic Micropolariscope Used to Study A Cracked Thread.