Rational Continua, Classical and New [E-Book] : A collection of papers dedicated to Gianfranco Capriz on the occasion of his 75th birthday / edited by P. Podio-Guidugli, M. Brocato.
Brocato, M., (editor)
Podio-Guidugli, P., (editor)
Milano : Springer, 2003
XII, 208p. online resource.
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Table of Contents:
  • Heat Conduction in a Non-Inertial Frame
  • Mediated Interactions of Proteins in Lipid Membranes
  • Second-Order Surface Potentials in Finite Elasticity
  • The Thermistor Problem with Thomson’s Effect
  • Elastic Symmetry Restrictions from Structural Gradients
  • Gaussian Curvature and Babuška’s Paradox in the Theory of Plates
  • Rank 1 Convexity for a Class of Incompressible Elastic Materials
  • A Continuum Description of Diatomic Systems
  • Induced Anisotropy, Particle Spin, and Effective Moduli in Granular Materials
  • On Uniqueness in Nonlinear Homogeneous Elasticity
  • Twin Balance Laws for Bodies Undergoing Structured Motions
  • On the Hysteresis in Martensitic Transformations
  • Dissipative Fluids with Microstructure
  • Some Questions on Material Objectivity Arising in Models of Porous Materials
  • Simplifield Dynamics of a Continuous Peptide Chain.