Greenhouse Effect, Sea Level and Drought [E-Book] / edited by Roland Paepe, Rhodes W. Fairbridge, Saskia Jelgersma.
Fairbridge, Rhodes W., (editor)
Jelgersma, Saskia, (editor) / Paepe, Roland, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1990
744 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 325
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Table of Contents:
  • I: Greenhouse Effects
  • The Greenhouse Effect, Stratospheric Ozone, Marine Productivity, and Global Hydrology: Feedbacks in the Global Climate System
  • Effects of West African Air Humidity on Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature
  • Determining Natural and Manmade Climate Change: Historical Review and Implications for the 1900’s and Beyond
  • Atmospheric, Oceanic and Climatic Response to Greenhouse and Feedback Effect
  • Ice Sheets and Sea Level Change as a Response to Climatic Change at the Astronomical Time Scale
  • Present, Past and Future Precipitation: Can We Trust the Models?
  • II: Sea Level
  • Sea Level
  • Non-Eustatic Sea Level Changes from Mediterranean Tide Gages
  • Present and Near-Future Sea-Level Changes: An Assessment
  • Influence of Global Climatic Processes on the Hydrosphere Regime
  • III: Drought and Water Deficiency
  • Water Deficiency Versus Water Excess: Global Management Potential
  • Extraterrestrial Impacts, Volcanoes, Climate and Sea Level
  • Recent Developments in Research on the Loess in China
  • Desertification or Desert Reclamation? Change in Climate or in Human Behaviour?
  • Natural Protection and Voluntary Extension of the Tropical African Forest Cover
  • River and Soils Cyclicities Interfering with Sea Level Changes
  • Natural Aridification or Man-Made Desertification? A Question for the Future
  • Climatic Oscillations as Registered Through the Ruzizi Plain Deposits (North Lake Tanganyika) Zaire — Burundi — Rwanda
  • Global Change: Population, Land-Use and Vegetation in the Mediterranean Basin by the Mid-21st Century
  • An Indication of an Abrupt Climatic Change as Seen from the Rainfall Data of a Mauritanian Station
  • IV: Management, Techniques and Case Studies Section A: Sea Level
  • Practical Problems for Coastal Submergence in the Light of Secular Trends
  • Risk Assessment and Causes of Subsidence and Inundation along the Texas Gulf Coast
  • Vulnerability of Coastal Lowlands. A Case Study of Land Subsidence in Shanghai, P.R. China
  • The Impact of Neotectonics with Regard to Canals, Pipelines, Dams, Open Reservoirs, Etc. in Active Areas: The Case of the Hellenic Arc.
  • Evolution of Barrier Island-Lagoon Systems from 200 Ka Ago to the Present in the Littoral Zone of Alicante (Spain). Impact of a Probable Sea Level Rise
  • Australia’s Hydrological Storage and Rising Sea Level Hazard
  • IV: Management, Techniques and Case Studies Section B: Greenhouse
  • Possible Effects of Man on the Carbon Cycle in the Past and in the Future
  • The Relationship of Inqua to the Global Change Program and Other International Groups
  • IV: Management, Techniques and Case Studies Section C: Management
  • Estimation of Natural and Man-Induced Groundwater Recharge
  • Development and Management of Fossil Groundwater Resources for Purposes of Drought Mitigation
  • Small Dams and Subsurface Dams in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas: The Example of Saharan and Sahelian Africa
  • Study of the Chad Basin Water Supply by Catchment Carried Out in the Congo-Zaire Basin
  • Groundwater Recharge and Storage by Damming a Small Ephemeral Stream
  • Sea Level Rise and Artificial Groundwater Recharge. A Study on the Feasibility of Geohydrologic Management
  • Climatic Changes in the Levant and the Possibility of their Mitigation
  • The Legacy of Sahelian Management: 1965–1988
  • Saline Groundwater in the Canary Islands (Spain) Resulting from Aridity
  • IV: Management, Techniques and Case Studies Section D: Techniques
  • Geological Resources for Construction with Low Energy and Low Temperature Input
  • Site-Investigation in Semi-Arid And Arid Regions for Reconnaissance and Engineering-Geological Purposes
  • Possible Engineering Solutions and a Case Study
  • V: Panel Discussions, Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Conclusions and Recommendations; Reports of Sessions and Panel Discussions
  • Meeting Report.