Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism [E-Book] / edited by F. J. Lowes, D. W. Collinson, J. H. Parry, S. K. Runcorn, D. C. Tozer, A. Soward.
Collinson, D. W., (editor)
Lowes, F. J., (editor) / Parry, J. H., (editor) / Runcorn, S. K., (editor) / Soward, A., (editor) / Tozer, D. C., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1989
380 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 261
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Table of Contents:
  • Section I. Geomagnetic Secular Variation back to 50 000 years BP
  • A Spherical Cap Harmonic Model of the Crustal Magnetic Anomaly Field in Europe Observed by MAGSAT
  • Geomagnetic Secular Variation
  • Historical Secular Variation and Geomagnetic Theory
  • Changes in the Earth’s Rate of Rotation on an El Niño to Century Basis
  • Geomagnetic Secular Variation in Britain During the Last 2000 Years
  • Detailed Palaeomagnetic Record for the Last 6300 Years From Varved Lake Deposits in Northern Sweden
  • The Lac Du Bouchet Palaeomagnetic Record: Its Reliability and Some Inferences About the Character of Geomagnetic Secular Variations Through the Last 50000 Years
  • Developments in Cave Sediment Palaeomagnetism
  • Evidence for Wave Propagation in the Holocene Palaeomagnetic Field
  • Section II. Excursions
  • Bruhnes Chron Geomagnetic Excursion Recorded During the Late Pleistocene, Albuquerque Volcanoes, New Mexico, U.S.A.
  • Short Reversal of the Palaeomagnetic Field About 280 000 Years Ago at Long Valley, California
  • Section III. Reversals: Observation and Modelling
  • Magnetic Polarity Time Scales and Reversal Frequency
  • Observations and Models of Reversal Transition Fields
  • A Phenomenological Model for Reversals of the Geomagnetic Field
  • Deterministic Chaos, Geomagnetic Reversals, and the Spherical Pendulum
  • Geomagnetic Polarity Reversals: Can Meteor Impacts Cause Spall Disruption into the Outer Core
  • Section IV. Origin and Analysis of Remanence
  • Magnetic Bacteria in Lake Sediments
  • Magnetization of Sediments and Depositional Environment
  • Timing Between a Large Impact and a Geomagnetic Reversal and the Depth of NRM Acquisition in Deep-Sea Sediments
  • Tests of Magnetic Properties of New Zealand Pliocene Marine Mudstones
  • Some Aspects of the Measurement of Magnetic Anisotropy
  • The Magnetism of Ordinary Chondrites and SNC Meteorites: Possible Implications for Ancient Solar System Magnetic Fields
  • Section V. Geodynamo Theory
  • Geodynamo Theory
  • Long-Term Palaeofield Variations and the Geomagnetic Dynamo
  • Compositional Convection and the Earth’s Core
  • Numerical Models in the Theory of Geomagnetism.