Solar Photosphere: Structure, Convection, and Magnetic Fields [E-Book] : Proceedings of the 138th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Kiev, U.S.S.R., May 15–20, 1989 / edited by J. O. Stenflo.
Stenflo, J. O., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1990
XII, 560 p. online resource.
International Astronomical Union ; 138
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Table of Contents:
  • Foreword
  • I. Global Properties of the Photosphere
  • Models of the Solar Photosphere
  • Thermal Bifurcation of the Outer Photosphere
  • Temperature Diagnostics of the Upper Photosphere
  • Solar Oscillator Strengths as a Diagnostic Tool
  • Average Variations of Photospheric Fe I And Fe II Line Parameters as Function of the Magnetic Filling Factor
  • II. Photospheric Fine Structure
  • High Resolution Observations of the Photosphere
  • Properties of the Solar Granulation
  • Analysis of the Solar Granulation in the Opacity Minimum Region
  • Fine Structure of Photospheric Faculae
  • Bright Features in the Intergranular Region
  • III. Small-scale Magnetic Fields
  • Empirical Models of Photospheric Flux Tubes
  • Empirical Photospheric Fluxtube Models From Inversion of Stokes V Data
  • Properties of Photospheric Fluxtubes Derived from Magnetograph Observations
  • Small-Scale Magnetic Features Observed in the Photosphere
  • High-Resolution Observations of Emerging Magnetic Fields and Flux Tubes in Active Region Photosphere
  • Small Scale Motions Over Concentrated Magnetic Field Regions of the Quiet Sun
  • Small Scale Magnetic Structures in Active Centers
  • Theoretical Aspects of Small-Scale Photospheric Magnetic Fields
  • Model Calculations of the Photospheric Layers of Solar Magnetic Fluxtubes
  • Wave Heating in Magnetic Flux Tubes
  • IV. Magnetohydrodynamics of the Photosphere
  • Solar Magnetoconvection
  • Results from 2-D Numerical Simulations of Solar Granules
  • Waves and Oscillations in the Non-Magnetic Photosphere
  • Waves and Oscillations in Magnetic Fluxtubes
  • On the 5-Minute Photospheric Oscillation and its Modeling
  • Classification of Magnetoatmospheric Modes in Sunspot Umbrae
  • The Observational Signature of Flux Tube Waves and an Upper Limit on the Energy Flux Transported by them
  • Magnetic Flux Concentration by Siphon Flows in Isolated Magnetic Flux Tubes
  • Electric Currents in the Atmosphere of the Sun
  • Generation of Magnetic Fields and Electric Currents in the Solar Photosphere
  • V. Large—scale Structure and Dynamics
  • Global Evolution of Photospheric Magnetic Fields
  • Origin of the Sun’s Differential Rotation
  • The Sun’s Rotation Rate as Inferred from Magnetic Field Data
  • Generators of Solar Differential Rotation and Implications of Helioseismology
  • Asymmetry of Emerging Flux Loops Caused by Radial Differential Rotation
  • Convection and its Stability in the Equatorial Regions of the Convection Zone
  • Inverse Cascade in Hydrodynamic Turbulence and its Role in Solar Granulation
  • Generation of Torsional Oscillations in the Sun
  • VI. Generation of Solar Magnetic Fields
  • Order and Chaos in the Solar Cycle
  • Symmetry Breaking in the Solar Dynamo: Nonlinear Solutions
  • Excitation of Dynamo Modes
  • Study of Sun’s “Hydromagnetic” Oscillations Using Sunspot Data
  • Variation of Even and Odd Parity in the Solar Dynamo
  • Self-Ordering of Photospheric Magnetic Fields
  • Torsional Oscillations and the Solar Dynamo Regime
  • Large-Scale Internal Magnetic Field of the Sun
  • VII. Convection and Magnetic Fields in Solar—type Stars
  • Observing, Modeling, and Understanding Stellar Granulation
  • A Model for Stellar Convection and Spectral Line Asymmetries
  • Comparative Analysis of Physical Conditions in the Solar and Procyon Atmospheres
  • Magnetic Fields on Solar-Like Stars: The First Decade
  • Results of Coordinated Multiwavelength Observations of Solar-Type Stars
  • Nonlinear Dynamo Modes and Timescales of Stellar Activity
  • Does a Common Dynamo Mechanism Exist for Lower Main Sequence Stars?
  • VIII. Future Directions
  • Ground Based and Space Future Prospects in Solar Interferometry Applied to the Photosphere
  • New Observational Aspects
  • Outstanding Theoretical Problems
  • Summary Lecture
  • List of Poster Papers
  • Letter to G. Bush and M. Gorbachev
  • List of Participants
  • Author Index.