Unsaturated Flow in Hydrologic Modeling [E-Book] : Theory and Practice / edited by H. J. Morel-Seytoux.
Morel-Seytoux, H. J., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1989
XVI, 532 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 275
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Table of Contents:
  • 1. Perspective and Fundamentals of Unsaturated Flow
  • Background Concepts and Principles
  • Multiphase Flow in Porous Media: Description at the Pore and Macroscopic Scale
  • Flow of Water and Air in Soils: Theoretical and Experimental Aspects
  • 2. Components in the Description of Unsaturated Flow
  • Infiltration and Ponding Time
  • Liquid Moisture Redistribution: Hydrologie Simulation and Spatial Variability
  • Evaluation of the Hydrological Response of a Drainage Network
  • Interflow
  • Unsaturated Flow Induced by Evaporation and Transpiration
  • Prediction of Water Table Mound Development and Aquifer Recharge from an Infiltrating Area
  • 3. Parameters Estimation and Numerical Techniques
  • Estimation of Soil Water Retention and Hydraulic Properties
  • Remote Sensing of Watershed Characteristics and Rainfall Input
  • Numerical Simulation of Richards Equation: Current Approaches and an Alternate Perspective
  • 4. Treatment of Unsaturated Zone in Hydrologic Models
  • Loss Rate Representation in the HEC-1 Watershed Model
  • Comparative Evaluation of Unsaturated Flow Methods in Selected USDA Simulation Models
  • The Unsaturated Components of SWATCH: A Multiprocess Watershed Model for Runoff Generation and Routing
  • Spatially Distributed Modeling: Conceptual Approach, Coupling Surface Water and Groundwater
  • Influence of Spatial Variability of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity on the Infiltration Process
  • 5. Miscellaneous
  • Analytic Steady-State Solution to One-Dimensional Unsaturated Water Flow in Layered Soils
  • The Constant Head Percolation Test-Improved Equipment and Possibilities of Assessing the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Mobility of Residual Phase Organics in the Vadose Zone
  • The Movement of Water in Swelling Clays
  • General List of Symbols.