Mass Outflows from Stars and Galactic Nuclei [E-Book] : Proceedings of the Second Torino Workshop, Held in Torino, Italy, May 4–8, 1987 / edited by Luciana Bianchi, Roberto Gilmozzi.
Bianchi, Luciana, (editor)
Gilmozzi, Roberto, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1988
XV, 440 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, A Series of Books on the Recent Developments of Space Science and of General Geophysics and Astrophysics Published in Connection with the Journal Space Science Reviews ; 142
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Table of Contents:
  • I: Invited Papers
  • Quasi-Steady Outflows From Astrophysical Objects: Complementary Views from Different Experiences
  • Mass Outflow from the Sun — Observations and Diagnostics
  • Properties of Winds and Chromospheres in G to M Giants and Supergiants
  • Mass Loss from Hot Stars: Main Sequence and Supergiant Stars
  • Radiation Driven Winds of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae
  • The Theory of Stellar Winds from Hot and Cool Stars
  • Interacting Binaries and Mass Loss in Hot Stars
  • Masses of Planetary Nebulae and Their Central Stars
  • The Formation of Planetary Nebulae
  • Mass Loss and Post-Asymptotic Giant-Branch Evolution
  • Collimated Outflows from Young Stars
  • Observational Evidence for Outflow in Active Galactic Nuclei and in X-Ray Binaries
  • Mechanisms for Outflow in Agns
  • Requirements for Theoretical Models of Outflows
  • II: Contributed Papers
  • The Line Scattering Radiative Force as the Reason of the Acceleration and Heating of the Hot Stars Winds
  • Dust Formation and Mass Loss by Wolf-Rayet Stars
  • Implications of Variable Mass-Outflow on Modeling
  • Highly Resolved Emission-Line Profiles of B[e]-Supergiants
  • HD 316285: An Extreme P Cygni Star
  • Something to do with the X-Ray Emission of Early Type Stars
  • The 06.5IIIf Star BD+60°2522 and its Interaction with the Surrounding Interstellar Medium: CCD-Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of the Stellar Wind Bubble NGC 7635
  • Stellar Winds from of Stars from Infrared and Radio Observations
  • Stellar Wind of Massive Stars in M31
  • Hydromagnetic Winds from Partially Open Magnetospheres
  • Helicoidal Astrophysical Outflows
  • Local Thermonuclear Runaways on White Dwarfs
  • Improved First Order Moment Method for Determination of Mass-Loss-Rates
  • Shell Formation and Mass Loss in the Planetary Nebula A78
  • Narrow-Band Imaging of Planetary Nebulae with the C.F.H. Telescope Photon Counting Camera
  • V645 Cygni and the Duck Nebula
  • Mass Loss from Planetary Nebulae: IC418
  • The Kinematical Properties of Planetary Nebulae
  • The “S” Process Nucleosyntesis in Low Mass Stars and the eutron Source 13C(?,n) 160
  • Spectroscopic Study of Gas Outflows in the Bipolar Nebula S106
  • CCD Images of the Serpens Bipolar Nebula
  • Formation of Planetary Nebulae
  • Bow Shock Structures Near Young Stellar Objects
  • Winds from Cold pre-Main Sequence Stars: Ionization Structure and Line Intensity
  • Have the Energetics of Molecular Line Flows Been Exaggerated? J.E.Qyson
  • Infrared Emission from Outflows Associated with Young Stars
  • Indication of Outflows from Young Stars in the Serpens Molecular Cloud
  • The Jet of HH34: New Results
  • High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Jets from Young Stars
  • A Thin Shell Model for Molecular Outflows
  • Evidence of Thin Dust Shells in Some RS CVN Stars
  • Near Infrared — Iras Candidates for Molecular Outflows in Lynds Clouds
  • Mass Outflows and Jets in Symbiotic Stars
  • Iras and Near-Infrared Observations of Peculiar Nebulosities
  • Radio Mapping of Type I Post-Main-Sequence Nebulae
  • J = 3?2 and J = 2?1 CO Mapping of High Velocity Outflow Sources
  • Stellar Mass Loss by Turbulent Alfvén Waves
  • Mass Loss from the Progenitor of Kepler’s Supernova: Characteristics and Evolutionary Constraints
  • Observations of SN1987A with I.U.E
  • Neutrino Outflow from SN1987A Detected in the Mont Blanc Observatory
  • Geometrical Simulations of Astrophysical Jets
  • On the Stability of Rotating Shear Flows
  • On the Stability of Supersonic Shear Layers
  • Self-Sustaining Galactic Winds in Spiral Galaxies with Starburst Nuclei
  • Observations of Outflow and its Consequences in Circum-Nuclear Zones of Spirals
  • Evolution of Perturbations and Shock Formation in Stellar Winds and jets
  • The Flowing Interstellar Medium in the Host Galaxies of Quasars
  • New Arguments Supporting the Intrinsic Origin of Bal QSOs: Formation of the Complex Ly?+NV Line Profile
  • III: Future Space Missions
  • The Lyman Mission
  • The Soho Project
  • Quasat — A Space VLBI Observatory
  • The International EUV/FUV Hitchhiker (IEH).