Surface Organometallic Chemistry: Molecular Approaches to Surface Catalysis [E-Book] / edited by Jean-Marie Basset, Bruce C. Gates, Jean-Pierre Candy, Agnès Choplin, Michel Leconte, Françoise Quignard, Catherine Santini.
Basset, Jean-Marie, (editor)
Candy, Jean-Pierre, (editor) / Choplin, Agnès, (editor) / Gates, Bruce C., (editor) / Leconte, Michel, (editor) / Quignard, Françoise, (editor) / Santini, Catherine, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1988
XVIII, 330 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 231
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Table of Contents:
  • Report Of The Nato Workshop: “Surface Organometallic Chemistry: Molecular Approaches To Surface Catalysis”
  • The Surfaces Of Oxides At A Molecular Level
  • Reaction Of Organometallics With Surfaces Of Metal Oxides
  • Catalytic Reactions Carried Out With Metals Derived From Clusters
  • Soluble And Supported Metal Catalysts For Hydrocarbon Oxidation In Liquid And Vapor Phase
  • Reactions Of Organometallic Compounds With Surfaces Of Supported And Unsupported Metals
  • Low-Nuclearity Metal Clusters: Structure And Reactivity
  • Large Molecular Metal Carbonyl Clusters: Models Of Metal Particles
  • Molecular Models Of Early Transition Metal Oxides: Polyoxoanions As Organic Functional Groups
  • Homogeneous Models For Mechanisms Of Surface Reactions: Propene Ammoxidation
  • Organometallic Oxides: Future Models In Catalysis? The Example Of Trioxo(?5-Pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)Rhenium(VII)
  • Zeolite Synthesis: An Overview
  • New Directions In Molecular Sieve Science And Technology
  • Recent Advances In Pillared Clays And Group IV Metal Phosphates
  • Reaction Of Organometallics With The Surfaces Of Zeolites.