Galactic and Extragalactic Star Formation [E-Book] / edited by Ralph E. Pudritz, Michel Fich.
Fich, Michel, (editor)
Pudritz, Ralph E., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1988
688 p. online resource.
NATO ASI Series, Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 232
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Table of Contents:
  • 1 Galactic Star Formation
  • 1.1 Lectures
  • On the Importance of Outflows for Molecular Clouds and Star Formation
  • Radio and Infrared Properties of Young Stars
  • Energetic Winds and Circumstellar Disks Associated with Low Mass Young Stellar Objects
  • Masers in Galactic and Extragalactic Star Forming Regions
  • Interstellar and Circumstellar Toroids
  • The Behaviour of Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions
  • The Origin of Bipolar Outflows
  • Vibrationally Excited Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Galactic Regions of Star Formation
  • Physical Conditions in Dense Cores
  • Long Term Support and Gravitational Stability of Molecular Clouds
  • Formation of Giant Molecular Clouds
  • Star Formation in the Galactic Disk
  • 1.2 Invited Talks
  • Observations of Star Forming Regions with the Hat Creek Millimeter Array
  • High Resolution Observations with the Owens Valley Millimeter Wave Interferometer
  • Ultracompact HII Regions: Their Morphologies and Spectral Energy Distributions
  • The Magnetic Field in the Bipolar Nebulae S106
  • High Resolution CO Observations of Young Low Mass Stars
  • The Effects of Multiple Scattering in the Disks Around Young Stellar Objects
  • 1.3 Panel Discussion
  • Star Formation and the Solar System
  • 1.4 Summary Talk
  • Meeting Summary: Star Formation in the Milky Way
  • 2 Extragalactic Star Formation
  • 2.1 Lectures
  • Star Formation at the Galactic Center
  • Star Formation in the Andromeda Galaxy
  • Supernovae and Their Remnants
  • The Starburst Galaxy M82
  • M82: A Nearby Starburst Galaxy-CO Observations
  • Star Formation in Blue Compact and Irregular Galaxies
  • Large-Scale Aspects of Star Formation and Galactic Evolution
  • Influence of Large-Scale Dynamics Upon Star Formation in Galaxies
  • Starbursts: Nature and Implications
  • Bimodal Star Formation, Starbursts, and Galaxy Formation
  • Primordial Star Formation
  • 2.2 Invited Talks
  • The Evolution of Starburst Galaxies to Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Atomic Hydrogen and OH Emission in Luminous Infrared Galaxies
  • Evolution and Initial Mass Function in Starbursts
  • Aperature Synthesis Maps of HCN, HCO+, CO, and 3 mm Continuum Toward M82
  • The Molecular Content of Galaxies
  • High Mass Star Formationj in Galactic and Extragalactic Molecular Clouds
  • Abundances of the Heavy Elements in the Magellanic Clouds
  • 2.3 Panel Discussion
  • The Efficiency of Star Formation in Galaxies: Can We Measure It?
  • No More Heterodyne Blues: Gas Masses From Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Continuum Photometry
  • The Efficiency of Star Formation in Galaxies: Can We Measure It? (“The Infrared Toolkit”)
  • The Initial Mass Function
  • 2.4 Summary Talk
  • Concluding Remarks
  • 3 Poster Titles
  • 3.1. Galactic Star Formation
  • 3.2. Extragalactic Star Formation.