Maximum-Entropy and Bayesian Methods in Science and Engineering [E-Book] : Foundations / edited by Gary J. Erickson, C. Ray Smith.
Erickson, Gary J., (editor)
Smith, C. Ray, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1988
X, 314 p. 17 illus. online resource.
Fundamental Theories of Physics, An International Book Series on The Fundamental Theories of Physics: Their Clarification, Development and Application ; 31-32
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Table of Contents:
  • How does the Brain Do Plausible Reasoning?
  • The Relation of Bayesian and Maximum Entropy Methods
  • An Engineer Looks at Bayes
  • Bayesian Inductive Inference and Maximum Entropy
  • Excerpts from Bayesian Spectrum Analysis and Parameter Estimation
  • Detection of Extra-Solar System Planets
  • Stochastic Complexity and the Maximum Entropy Principle
  • The Axioms of Maximum Entropy
  • Understanding Ignorance
  • Maximum Entropy Calculations on a Discrete Probability Space
  • Quantum Density Matrix and Entropic Uncertainty
  • Information-Theoretical Generalization of the Uncertainty Principle
  • Time, Energy, and the Limits of Measurement
  • On a Detection Estimator Related to Entropy
  • The Evolution of Carnot’s Principle
  • A Logic of Information Systems
  • Methodological Principles of Uncertainty in Inductive Modelling: A New Perspective
  • Comparison of Minimum Cross-Entropy Inference with Minimally Informative Information Systems.