Space Dynamics and Celestial Mechanics [E-Book] : Proceedings of the International Workshop, Delhi, India, 14–16 November 1985 / edited by K. B. Bhatnagar.
Bhatnagar, K. B., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1986
XXVI, 458 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, A Series of Books on the Recent Developments of Space Science and of General Geophysics and Astrophysics Published In Connection With the Journal Space Science Reviews ; 127
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Table of Contents:
  • I: Key Note Address
  • New Nondeterministic Celestial Mechanics
  • II: General Celestial Mechanics
  • Periodic Solution of the Three-Dimensional Restricted Three Body Problem Representing Analytic Continuation of Keplerian Rectilinear Periodic Motion
  • Stability of Lagrange’s Particular Solution in the Plane Photogravitational Unrestricted Problem of Three Bodies
  • The Nature of the Critical Inclinations in Artificial Satellite Theory
  • An Extension of Jacobian Constant
  • On the Last Brown Conjecture
  • Qualitative Study of N-Body Problem: Unitized Momentum Transformation and its Application
  • On Finite Periodic Orbits Around the Equilateral Solutions of the Planar Restricted Three-Body Problem
  • Stability of Time Varying Linear Systems
  • A New Transformation of the Two-Body Problem to Oscillator Form
  • III: Solar System and Natural Satellites
  • Stability of Motions of Asteroids
  • On the Possibility of a “CUCKOO-EFFECT” in the Earth-Moon System
  • Influence of Planetary Motion and Radial Alignment of Planets on Sun
  • Stability and Evolution of the Minor Bodies of the Solar System
  • IV: Stellar Systems and Galaxies
  • Trajectory of Space — Like Particles in a Schwarzchild Field
  • The Dynamics of Satellite Stellar Systems
  • Orbital Evolution of Massive Close Binary Under the Influence of Small Bodies
  • Dynamical Systems with Simple Periodic Solutions
  • Extragalactic Celestial Mechanics: The Equation of Evolution
  • Small Oscillations of Collisionless Gravitating Systems
  • Numerical Experiments on the Formation of Tails and Bridges in Galaxies
  • V: Orbit Determination and Satellite Theory
  • Injection State Vector Estimation from Flight Data Analysis of a Spinning Apogee Stage
  • Second Order Solution of a Radial Intermediary in Satellite Theory
  • Utilization of Analytical Methods for Orbit Determination in High Accuracy Geodetic Positioning
  • Analytical Drag Theory of an Artificial Satellite with Small Eccentricity
  • A Refined Analysis of the Perturbations on Lageos
  • A Computer Program for Orbit Determination Using the Kalman Filter Approach
  • Non-linear Planar Oscillation of a Satellite in Elliptical orbit under the Influence of External Forces of General Nature
  • Early Orbit Determination Using U-D Covariance Propagation Filter
  • VI: Attitude Motion
  • Satellite Attitude Acquisition by a Momentum Bias System
  • Observer Based Design of Normal Mode Attitude Control for IRS Satellite
  • Magnetic Yaw-Roll Control and Momentum Dumping for SROSS
  • Attitude Determination of the HIPPARCOS Satellite
  • Attitude Determination of a Powered Launch Vehicle Stage With Conventional Satellite Sensors
  • VII: Mission Planning and Control
  • Some Aspects of Jettisoning Dynamics Related to Launch Vehicle
  • Zoom Software: Error Analysis and Accurate Orbit Restitution at CNES
  • Orbit Correction Using Jefferys’ Method of Least Squares
  • Station Keeping Strategy Test, Design and Optimization by Computer Simulation
  • Optimal Injection into Near Synchronous Orbit by Three Apogee Motor Burns Accounting for Operational Constraints and Execution Errors
  • New Results on Proportional Navigation Trajectories
  • Resolution
  • Author Index.