Wave Instabilities in Space Plasmas [E-Book] : Proceedings of a Symposium Organized within the XIXth URSI General Assembly Held in Helsinki, Finland, July 31–August 8, 1978 / edited by Peter J. Palmadesso, Konstantinos Papadopoulos.
Palmadesso, Peter J., (editor)
Papadopoulos, Konstantinos, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1979
VIII, 312 p. online resource.
Astrophysics and Space Science Library, A Series of Books on the Recent Developments of Space Science and of General Geophysics and Astrophysics Published in Connection with the Journal Space Science Reviews ; 74
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Table of Contents:
  • I: Natural Noise in Space
  • ELF and VLF Noise Intensity and Spectra in the Magnetosphere
  • ELF and VLF Activity Associated with High Latitude Hole
  • Effects of Power Line Radiation into the Magnetosphere
  • Ariel 3 and 4 Studies of Power Line Harmonic Radiation
  • Does ELF Chorus Show Evidence of Power Line Stimulation?
  • Chorus, Energetic Electrons and Magnetospheric Substorms
  • II: Plasma Turbulence
  • Magnetospheric Multiharmonic Instabilities
  • Some Theoretical Aspects of Electrostatic Double Layers
  • Formation of Double Layers in Laboratory Plasmas
  • Laboratory Simulation of Ionospheric Double-Layers
  • Anomalous Transition from Buneman to Ion Sound Instability
  • Marginal Plasma Waves in the Equatorial Electrojet Observed by HF Coherent Radar Techniques
  • III: Nonlinear Effects
  • Nonlinear Whistler-Mode Interactions and Triggered Emissions in the Magnetosphere: A Review
  • Siple Station Experiments on Wave-Particle Interactions in the Magnetosphere
  • Non Linear Wave Particle Interaction Theory Applied to Siple Triggered Emissions
  • Quenching of Natural Cyclotron Instability by Large Amplitude Monochromatic Waves Propagating in an Inhomogeneous Medium
  • Nonlinear Effects Involved in the Generation of Type III Solar Radio Bursts
  • A Theory of Solar Type III Radio Bursts
  • IV: Ionospheric F-Region Irregularities
  • A Review of Recent Results on Spread F Theory
  • Equatorial Spread F: A Review of Recent Experimental Results
  • Index of Subjects.