Nonlinear Equations in Physics and Mathematics [E-Book] : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held in Istanbul, Turkey, August 1–13, 1977 / edited by A. O. Barut.
Barut, A. O., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1978
X, 474 p. online resource.
NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series, Series C - Mathematical and Physical Sciences ; 40
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Table of Contents:
  • I - Dynamical Systems and Inverse Scattering Problems
  • Integrable Many-Body Problems
  • Inverse Scattering Problems for Nonlinear Applications
  • Solutions of Nonlinear Equations Simulating Pair Production and Pair Annihilation
  • The Two-Time Method Applied to Slowly Evolving Oscillating Systems
  • II - Solitons
  • Solitons in Physics
  • Solitons and Geometry
  • Hirota’s Method of Solving Soliton-Type Equations
  • Prolongation Structure Techniques for the New Hierarchy of Korteweg-de Vries Equations
  • Perturbation Theory for the Double Sine-Gordon Equation
  • III - Discrete Systems and Continuum Mechanics
  • Painlevé Transcendents and Scaling Functions of the Two-Dimensional Ising Model
  • Statistical Mechanics of Nonlinear Lattice Dynamic Models Exhibiting Phase Transitions
  • Nonlocal Continuum Mechanics and Some Applications
  • IV - Nonlinear Field Theories and Quantization
  • Quantization of a Nonlinear Field Equation
  • Characteristic “Quanta” of Nonlinear Field Equations
  • Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Sources: An Application of the Canonical Formalism
  • Nonlinear Field Equations and Collective Phenomena
  • Nonperturbative Self-Interactions, Solitary Waves and Others
  • Bound States of Fermions in External and Self-Consistent Fields.