Solar Gamma-, X-, and EUV Radiation [E-Book] / edited by Sharad R. Kane.
Kane, Sharad R., (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1975
446 p. 39 illus. online resource.
International Astronomical Union/Union Astronomique Internationale, Symposium No. 68 Held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11–14 June 1974 Organized by the IAU in Cooperation with COSPAR ; 68
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Table of Contents:
  • 1: General Solar Activity, Coronal Holes and Bright Points
  • EUV Observations of the Active Sun from the Harvard Experiment on ATM
  • Holes in the Solar Corona
  • Time Variations of Solar X-ray Bright Points
  • Solar Activity Observed in X-Rays and the EUV from OSO 7
  • 2: Active Regions
  • X-Ray Spectra of Solar Active Regions
  • X-Ray Spectroscopy of Solar Active Regions During the Third Skylab Mission
  • Spatially Resolved X-Ray Spectra of Coronal Active Regions
  • Classification of New Spectral Lines of Fe XVII Observed in Solar Active Regions
  • Statistical Methods in the Identification and Prediction of the Solar X-Ray Spectral Lines
  • Interpretation of the X-Ray Spectra of Solar Active Regions
  • Soft X-Radiation from Single Active Regions
  • Time Variations in Coronal Active Regions
  • Flare-Like Ultraviolet Spectra of Active Regions
  • The Structure of Solar Active Regions from EUV and Soft X-Ray Observations
  • 3: Solar Flares
  • Ultraviolet Emission Line Profiles of Flares and Active Regions
  • Fe XXIV Emission in Solar Flares Observed with the NRL/ATM XUV Slitless Spectrograph
  • X-Ray and EUV Spectra of Solar Flares and Laboratory Plasmas
  • Association of X-Ray Flares with Solar Coronal Active Regions
  • Studies of the Dynamic Structure and Spectra of Solar X-Ray Flares
  • On the Thermal Structure of the Flare-Produced Plasma
  • The Relationship between Hard and Soft X-Ray Bursts Observed by OSO 7
  • Relationship between Hard and Soft Solar X-Ray Sources Observed by OSO 7
  • Thermal and Nonthermal Interpretations of Flare X-Ray Bursts
  • High Time Resolution Analysis of Solar Flares Observed on the ESRO TD-1A Satellite
  • Rise Time of Hard X-Ray Bursts
  • Determination of the Height of Hard X-Ray Sources in the Solar Atmosphere by Measurement of Photospheric Albedo Photons
  • Inference of the Hard X-Ray Source Dimensions in the 1972, August 7, White Light Flare
  • The Interpretation of Spectra, Polarization, and Directivity of Solar Hard X-Rays
  • Solar Flare X-Ray Measurements and Their Relation to Microwave Bursts
  • Relation of Microwave Emission to X-Ray Emission from Solar Flares
  • X- and ?-Ray Measurements during the 1972, August 2 and 7 Large Solar Flares
  • High Energy Gamma-Ray Radiation above 300 keV Associated with Solar Activity
  • Measurements of a Gamma-Ray Burst above 1 MeV
  • Gamma-Ray Lines from Solar Flares
  • Fast Electrons in Small Solar Flares
  • Nuclei of Heavy Elements from Solar Flares
  • Implications of NRL/ATM Solar Flare Observations on Flare Theories
  • Nonthermal Processes in Large Solar Flares
  • On the Acceleration Processes in Solar Flares.