Chromospheric Fine Structure [E-Book] / edited by R. Grant Athay.
Athay, R. Grant, (editor)
Dordrecht : Springer, 1974
XVII, 310 p. online resource.
International Astronomical Union/Union Astronomique Internationale, Symposium No. 56 Held at Surfer’s Paradise, QLD., Australia 3–7 September 1973 ; 56
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Table of Contents:
  • I The Quiet Chromosphere: Limb Phenomena
  • Spicules and Their Surroundings
  • Radiation Pressure in Stellar Atmospheres with Application to Solar Spicules
  • Chromospheric Fine Structures near the Solar Limb in H?
  • Recent Developments in Improving Daytime Angular Resolution from the Ground
  • Spatial and Spectral Structure of Chromospheric Lines
  • II The Quiet Chromosphere: Disk Phenomena
  • Why the Chromosphere has Its Discrete Fine Structure
  • Properties of the Solar Filigree Structure
  • Spicules are Bright and Dark
  • High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Disk Chromosphere. III: Evidence for the Propagation and Dissipation of Mechanical Energy in the Chromosphere
  • Comparison of H? and Caii H and K Spectroheliograms as a Diagnostic Probe
  • Fine Structure of the Sun at Centimeter Wavelengths
  • III The Upper Chromosphere
  • Fine Structure of the Upper Chromosphere
  • Further Observations of the Structure of the Chromosphere-Corona Transition Region from Limb and Disk Intensities
  • Non-Static Structure of the Chromosphere-Corona Transition Region
  • On the Design of Chromospheric Models
  • IV Motion and Excitation in the Chromosphere
  • Motions of Chromospheric Fine Structures
  • Waves and Oscillations in the Chromosphere in Active and Quiet Regions
  • Chromospheric Oscillations in Plages
  • Trapped Oscillations in the Chromosphere in the Presence of a Magnetic Field
  • V The Chromosphere in Active Regions
  • The Magnetic Structure of Plages
  • On Facular Models
  • A Facula Model and Its Application to Facula Fine Structures
  • The Relation between Chromospheric and Photospheric Structures in Sunspot Groups
  • The Structure of the Prominence-Corona Interface
  • Helical Field Lines in an Erupting Filament
  • VI Evolution of Chromospheric Fine Structures
  • Streaming Magnetic Features near Sunspots
  • On the Relation between Moving Magnetic Features and the Decay Rates of Sunspots
  • A Theoretical Model for the Convection of Magnetic Flux in and near Sunspots
  • Evolution of Chromospheric Fine Structures on the Disk
  • Evolution of Structures in the Bright H? Network
  • H? Fine Structure and the Dynamics of the Solar Atmosphere
  • VII Energy Balance, Heat Transfer and Heating Mechanisms in Chromospheric Fine Structures
  • The Chromospheric Energy Balance
  • Ray Trapping in Stellar Envelopes, Pulsational Instabilities and Heating of External Layers
  • A Magnetic Model of the Chromosphere-Corona Transition Region
  • Excess Heating of Corona and Chromo-sphere above Magnetic Regions by Non-Linear Alfvén Waves
  • The Stability of a Magnetic Flux Rope and Its Relation to Sunspots, Faculae and Flares
  • General Discussion
  • Index of Subjects.